Louet Sheep professional spinning equipment

Offering the most innovative and customize-able wheels, looms and carders on the market. Production-quality for the hobbyist or professional. Harnessing over 40 years of experience for the most comfortable spinning & weaving. Read more about our Spinning, Weaving and Carding Equipment.

Louët Spinning Wheels

The Louët Spinning Wheel has long held the reputation as one of the premier yarn making tools from Holland. Ease of use for the spinning enthusiast is the number one priority in the design of our spinning wheels and accessories. Our professional-quality spinning wheels and accessories are built to last, and provide an enjoyable spinning experience for all skill levels. Read more.

Louët Weaving Looms

Erica beginner weaving loom by Louet

From frame and travel table looms to innovative electronic dobby- floor looms, Louët brings you the quietest, highest-quality and finest looms on the market. The technological and ergonomic advances make weaving with a Louët loom a delightful experience that you can pursue for hours a day with ease. Read more.

Louët Drum Carders

louet standard drum carder

Louët drum carders are designed with ease and efficiency in mind, so that your carding time is productive, adjustment-free and enjoyable. The non-slipping gears are enclosed in a gearbox and require no additional lubrication or adjustment. Read more.