We’re Louet North America! We’re passionate about bringing you the highest-quality knitting, crocheting, spinning and weaving supplies, backed by our top-notch customer service and unbeatable warranty. We’ve been a family-owned company in the fiber world for over 40 years.

We exist to help you Make It Your Own! From bringing together the perfect yarn + color + pattern to designing your own custom spinning wheel, we live to make your crafting relaxing and stress-free.

We’re dedicated to offering supplies that allow you to create heirlooms. We’re fanatics about providing you with ergonomic tools for hours of pain-free crafting. We support North American production and local shops. We’re devoted to environmental sustainability.  And we put together amazing newsletters. Sign up and get inspired!

Kollage Square Knitting Needles

Kollage Square ergonomic knitting needle

Ergonomic knitting needles. Manufactured by us in North America. Relieve stress and pain in hands and wrists. Perfect for those with Carpal Tunnel or Arthritis. Many knitters have returned to pain-free knitting because of their Squares! Your hands are your most important tools, so treat them right! Read more.

Louet Spinning and Weaving Equipment

Erica beginner weaving loom by Louet

Offering the most innovative and customize-able wheels, looms and carders on the market. Production-quality for the hobbiest or professional. Harnessing over 40 years of experience for the most comfortable spinning & weaving. Read more about our Spinning, Weaving and Carding Equipment.

Knitting, Crocheting & Weaving Yarn

superwash merino gems by Louet North America

Proudly offering the finest linen, merino and organic cotton yarns to knitters, crocheters & weavers. Quality yarns destined to become heirlooms. Read more about Euroflax (wet-spun linen with soft hand and delicious drape), Gems (our 100% machine wash & dry merino) and Certified Organic weaving yarns.