Dobby Weaving Looms

Dobby Looms

A type of floor loom, dobby looms are great for larger, complex projects and use a special device that controls all the warp threads, making weaving complex patterns a more comfortable experience. Dobby is short for “draw boy” which refers to the weaver’s helper who was used to control the warp thread by pulling on draw threads. The dobby mechanism is used to program the harness combinations for the weave pattern. All of our dobby looms are available with either a mechanical or electronic dobby. An investment in a Louet Dobby ensures many years of comfortable and productive weaving.

Louet offers a finely engineered weaving loom for every weaver.  Our looms harness 30 years of research and development to meet the needs and myriad desires of today’s weaving enthusiasts. From frame and travel table looms to innovative electronic dobby- floor looms, Louet brings you the quietest, highest-quality and finest looms on the market. The technological and ergonomic advances make weaving with a Louet loom a delightful experience that you can pursue for hours a day with ease.

Megado Dobby Loom best weaving loom on the market


This innovative dobby loom is the flagship of the Louet family and our top-end dobby loom. The ease of complex weaving often comes as a surprise to even the most experienced weaver! Read more about Megado.

Louet Octado Dobby Loom


Meet Megado’s little sister: all the features, but with fewer shafts. Louet designs looms that are easy and comfortable to weave with, allowing weavers to sit and enjoy their craft for many hours at a time. Read more about Octado.

Magic Dobby Loom


Perfect for weavers who want the complexity of a multi-harness loom, the ease of a dobby system, but require portability. Magic is a compact 24 harness loom designed to be portable to take to workshops.  Read more about Magic.