Image of Jane loom from Louet catalog

Browse the 2018 Louet Equipment Catalog!

Don’t you just love when a new catalog arrives? The chance to drool and ogle over what’s new. For me it’s fiber-related items and seeds. (yes, spring! Seed catalogs! Should I grow rainbow chard? I digress.) I love seeing what’s new and I love making plans for my next big purchase. Maybe I’ll spot some yarn that I want to purchase right away, but I have just as much fun planning the dream weaving loom that I’d like to purchase next year.

Does that sound like you? Hands up if you’re a spinner or weaver (or want to be!) Well, we’ve got a treat for you… the new 2018 Louet Spinning & Weaving Equipment catalog has been released!

Image of Jane loom from Louet catalog

Have a look by downloading the digital catalog. Whether you’re looking for your 1st loom (Erica is a great option) or your 10th… Louet makes the finest quality wheels and looms.

If you’re looking for a great entry-level spinning wheel, we’ve extended our S17 Wheel & Fiber promotion into 2018. If you buy an S17 wheel (a wonderful unfinished wheel) and paint it & send us a photo, we’ll send you $200 of fiber for free! Amazing! (read more here).


GEMS Pattern Round-up + Holiday Fiber Pack

Our GEMS yarn is an excellent choice for handmade holiday gifts: not only is it resistant to pilling, but it is durable and machine-washable without sacrificing softness. The countdown is already under way for those of you knitting or crocheting your holiday gifts this year, and we’re here to help with some great accessories designs to knit and crochet with our GEMS yarn!

L-R: Mint Chocolate Mitts by Sarah Jordan, pattern appears in the Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts 2013 issue and uses 2 skeins of GEMS fingering; Rosehip Scarf by Robin Melanson, pattern appears in the Louet Fall 2012 Collection and uses 4 skeins of GEMS fingering; TARDIS Socks by Kelandry B, pattern is available as a free Ravelry download and uses 2-3 skeins of GEMS fingering for the main color; Cimarron Shawl by Alexis Winslow, pattern appears in the Free Spirit Shawls book and uses 4 skeins of GEMS sport.

L-R: Picea Hat by Sue Perez, pattern appears in the Interweave Crochet Accessories 2014 issue and uses 2 skeins of GEMS fingering weight; Basic Mitten Recipe by Karen Whooley, pattern appears in the Interweave Crochet Winter 2013 issue and uses 2-4 skeins of GEMS sport weight; Morticia Chevron Cowl by Erin Chastain-Harris, pattern is available as a free Ravelry download and uses 1 skein of GEMS worsted; Emma Stole by Amy Depew, pattern appears in the Inside Crochet March 2013 issue and uses GEMS worsted.

Our 2013 Holiday Fiber Pack is sure to spoil the spinner in your life! Our Silk for Christmas fiber pack features the most luxurious silk spinning fibers: cultivated silk, tussah silk, blue faced leicester/silk, camel/silk, muga silk and eri silk.


Ask for it at your preferred Louet retailer this holiday season!  

Spinners At Your Marks!

Make sure those bobbins are ready to go!

Spinzilla kicks off at Midnight this Monday, October 7, and we’ve pleased to say that we’ve got a great team assembled!

Many of you have spent this week taking stock of your fiber stash, clearing out bobbins, and making any necessary repairs to your wheels to ensure you are ready for a monstrous amount of spinning next week. Don’t forget, those of you with Louet spinning wheels have our Support Center at your service 24/7 – and if you need more ideas on how to prepare for next week’s spinning extravanaza, you can read more here on our Team Captain’s blog.

One of our team members reminded us that it’s important to make time for self-care: whether it’s a nice bubble bath, some gentle stretches, or a walk in the park after your daily spinning session, remember to keep yourself in top spinning form throughout Spinzilla (and always!).

If you’re worried about running out of spinning fiber (or would just like to replenish your stash), we’ve created a limited-edition fiber pack in honour of Spinzilla!   The Spinzilla Special Fiber Pack includes: 1 lb Eastport Alpaca (70/30 Alpaca/Merino blend), 1/2lb Northern lights, 2lb Carded Alpaca Sliver, and 1lb Dorper Top, and it’s an excellent deal, too – over $200 worth of quality fiber for just $69!

Click here to purchase.


Happy spinning!

Grand Re-Opening Celebration!

Our new website launched today, and we’re thrilled to share it with you! has a brand-new look and user-friendly interface. Plus, it’s easier than ever to purchase your favorite Louet products while browsing our site!

We’ll be giving away LOTS of prizes on Ravelry, Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to follow our social media accounts linked below for the latest updates and details on how to be eligible.

Here is a calendar of giveaways we’ll be running this month:

August 1-2: One Facebook fan will win a copy of the Britany Scarf pattern and a cone of Euroflax lace in winner’s choice of colors.

August 5-6: Two Twitter nest members will win 1/2 pound bags of White Romney and Leicester fiber.

August 7-9: Two Ravelry group members will win 1/2 pound bags of BFL and White Coopworth fiber.

August 12-13: Two Facebook fans will win 1/2 pound bags of Light Grey Coopworth and Medium Coopworth fiber.

Coopworth fiber color spectrum.

August 14-15: Two Twitter nest members will win 1/2 pound bags of Dark Coopworth fiber.

August  16-20: One Ravelry group member will win a copy of the Britany Scarf pattern and a cone of Euroflax lace in winner’s choice of colors.

August 22-23: Two Twitter nest members will win 1/2 pound bags of  Wensleydale and Perendale fiber.

August 26-28: One Ravelry group emember will win a 1/2 pound bag of Shetland fiber.

August 28-30: One Facebook fan will win a copy of the Britany Scarf pattern and a cone of Euroflax lace in winner’s choice of colors.

Britany Scarf & Just a Few Color Options in Euroflax!

Our story continues: LNA grows by leaps and bounds!

Late last year, we began to share the history of Louet North America; you can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here if you are just now joining the story! In our first installment for 2013, Dave sheds light on the years leading up to the turn of the century in his own words. Enjoy! 

September 1994 is when I officially started working for Louet North America. Having left the Canadian Forces for the family business, I started in the office, learning the ropes of customer service, bank deposits, accounting 101, inventory control, shipping and receiving. I have joked with my family that in those years I took the equivalent of an MBA: an MTA…. Masters in Trudy’s Administration.

Louet North America had been a business that needed to provide for Jan and Trudy plus an employee and was easily able to do that up until this point. Jan worked as an engineer outside the business, so Louet North America was also about satisfying Trudy’s creative and intellectual needs.

With Dave joining the business, suddenly LNA had to provide for another family. LNA had to grow to accomplish this.

Trudy had been sewing and knitting since she was 5 years old. She often made her own clothes and clothes for her kids while we were growing up. Her knowledge in these areas was strong.

LNA had a line of weaving yarn, a 6/2 wool yarn which we sold slowly (mainly to weavers). This line was included when we took on Gerald Whittakers fiber business in the early 90’s. Trudy decided we could sell this yarn as a knitting yarn as well, though we would need to change it slightly so that it was more suited for knitters.

Trudy designed a yarn that used a long staple fiber for added strength, a soft wool – 22 micron Merino, in fact! She added more twist to the single spun yarn which gave it a natural resistance to pilling, and a looser twist in the plied yarn to give it more bounce and softness. This yarn would eventually become GEMS.

Trudy went to a mill in Canada and had the yarn spun. She used her outstanding colour sense from her years of hand dyeing and selected a color range. Over the years, the range of colors available in the GEMS line has always been a strong feature, one customers have always commented on.

Of course, LNA needed to promote our products, which we did through advertising was well as attending shows. Trudy felt the best way for stores to be convinced to purchase and stock our yarns was to have consumers asking for them, So Jan and Trudy spent a lot of time on the road and Dave stayed in the office.

Trudy did a lot of teaching in the 90’s: she taught hand dyeing techniques, supporting the sales of her book, Indigo, Madder and Marigold. Trudy would often teach and run a booth at a show or attend Stitches conventions as a vendor, then teaching a workshop somewhere nearby before heading home.

It was by going to these shows that Jan and Trudy met The Westerinks, who sold a Linen yarn called Euroflax. When the Westerinks decided they wanted to retire, Jan and Trudy offered to purchase Euroflax. So in late 1995, Louet North America became the new owners of Euroflax and suddenly had 2 lines of knitting yarns!

After trying to sell knitting yarns for a couple years, we decided we needed more patterns to support our yarns. It didn’t matter how good the yarns were if people didn’t know what to make with them! Initially, we worked with a reputable fashion designer, but eventually, Trudy just started designing patterns herself. She wanted to make classic garments:
things people would want to (and be able to) wear for years. She wanted to design wardobe staples.

What came next was an explosion of designs and patterns which still support our yarn sales to this day. Patterns like Lily, Dakota, Krystina, Brayden and Shauna came from these early design days.

So by the turn of the century, Louet North America was a fledgling knitting yarn company with a couple of yarn lines and a dozen or so patterns. Our yarns and patterns were growing in popularity and the company was growing too!


Thanks for joining us! We’ll be sure to share our next installment of Louet history soon! 

See our Art Yarn Flyer in Action!

Our new YouTube video is a great way to see the  Louet Art Yarn Flyer in action. Just imagine the possibilities you can explore with this add-on which fits both old and new versions of the S10, S15, S31 and S7 series spinning wheels.

The large orifice, jumbo bobbin and low spinning ratios allow you to spin bulky, novelty and art yarns with ease. It’s also fantastic for plying; you’ll love how much yarn you can ply without changing the bobbin!

Watch our video below to see what all the buzz is about, or  click here to view on our YouTube Channel; you can find your nearest Louet dealer by visiting our website.

Guest Blogger: Constance Hall Reviews Our New Art Yarn Flyer

Constance Hall began working with fiber when she was 5 years old when her mother taught her how to crochet.  From that early experience, her fiber interest expanded to include knitting, spinning, weaving, sewing, and felting. Constance  is a passionate teacher who loves introducing students to new skills and sharing in their journey through the world of fiber arts. She recently shared her thoughts about our new S10 Art Yarn Flyer. Enjoy!

“During the National Needlearts Association trade show in Long Beach, CA in February of this year, I stopped in the Louet booth to admire the fibers that were on display. There was a Louet S-10 on display in the booth with a flyer that I didn’t recognize. I own an S-10 Louet and was, of course, interested to see a new flyer for this wheel.

The first thing I noticed was that the bobbin is much bigger than the standard bobbin. It will hold lots of yarn of any kind. Another difference was the flyer itself, it had a new type of yarn guide. There is a smooth rod for the yarn to slide around. Another enhancement is a slot on the flyer arm, where a very large round guide ring is mounted. There is an easily adjustable nut on the bottom of this ring that allows you to loosen the ring and to move it up and down the flyer arm and fill the bobbin very evenly. The large size of the ring allows for all kinds of fun, funky art yarn add-ins to easily be wound on the bobbin. Feathers, felted balls, charms, cocoons; all should slide though this large ring with no problems and there is nothing for your yarn to snag on as it goes onto the bobbin. It is a very smooth transition all the way from the orifice to the bobbin.

According to Louet, the ratios on this new Art Yarn Flyer bobbin are 4.2:1, 5:1 and 6.2:1. The standard ratios are 5.5:1, 7.5:1, and 10.5:1. These new ratios give you more range when you want less twist. It also allows you more time to make the fiddley art yarns. I liked the 4.2:1 ratio very much and had no problem with the drive band stretching to fit that large whorl.

I liked this new flyer so well, that I think I would use my regular bobbin on it, as well as the big bobbin which comes with Art Yarn Flyer. I have an older Louet S-10 and had no problem with this flyer fitting my wheel. It fits a large range of Louets, but not all. One should check to make sure one’s wheel is compatible before ordering. Having this flyer as well as the fast flyer for my S-10 makes it an all purpose wheel for spinning almost any weight or type of yarn I could want to make. It’s a great addition to the options for most Louet wheels.

What’s New for 2013 from Louet North America

Happy New Year! There are lots of exciting new Louet products to look forward to in 2013. Last month, we gave you a sneak peek at our XL Standard Drum Carder which will be making its debut in stores in March. There are many more things to look forward to this year, such as:


ART YARN FLYER: This new art yarn flyer for the S10 wheel will make it a breeze to spin creative, unique yarns . Look for it in early 2013!

VICTORIA BAG: Make sure your spinning wheel is protected with our new bag made especially for the Victoria wheel. Spinning on-the-go is now easier than ever!

LIMITED-EDITION S90 ULTIMATE: Available for a limited time only! If you haven’t ordered one yet from your nearest Louet retailer, time is running out!



The new beater for the David loom is now in stores and will come with every new David loom! A retrofit is available for those of you who already own this versatile floor loom.

The advantage of the new beater is that it will give you a shuttle race, as well as improve your weaving area since the beater moves closer to the harnesses than the previous over head beater did. Additionally, the height of the loom can be reduced, making the loom easier to transport.

Coming soon: A new vertical warping mill – stay tuned for more details!




The GEMS coupon program has been extended into 2013 – now is a great time to stock up on this easy-care yarn. Perhaps you can treat yourself to a sweater-quantity and indulge in a little ‘selfish’ knitting this month! Click here to download a PDF version of the GEMS coupon.

The Paige and Pamela patterns, which were originally designed for MerLin yarn, have been updated and are converted to knit with Euroflax yarn.





Our Story Continues

Present-day, from L-R: Jan and Trudy Van Stralen with Jonathan Heap of Wadworth Heap, supplier of our Canterbury Prize Wool Group.

A few months ago, we began to share the history of Louet North America, a family-owned company located just west of Montreal in Prescott, Ontario. In our first installment (found here), we shared the story of LNA’s creative vision through the guidance of Dave’s parents, Jan and Trudy Van Stralen. Today, we continue that story as Dave recounts the early years of the company. Enjoy!

In the 1980’s, the manufacturer of Louet equipment in Holland (Louet BV) established a Canadian company to distribute their products in North America. Jan Louet and his partner Clemens Classen, approached my parents, Jan and Trudy Van Stralen to run this company in 1989.

Trudy had been operating her own business, Hilltop Wools, but soon found she could not do both. She initially sold spinning fibers and some weaving yarns under the banner of Hilltop Wools, but streamlined the process under one roof – Louet – soon after taking on distributorship. In 1992 Jan and Trudy purchased Louet Sales from Louet BV.

During that time, I had left home for University and eventually joined the Canadian Airforce. I also met and married my wife Pam and we started our family.

While still serving in the military, I joined my parents in Washington DC for Convergence in 1992, helping them in the booth and driving truckfulls of looms…some good quality family time! It was a very positive show; we picked up the distributorship of Gaywool Dyes and Fibers and I also met Jane Stafford. Little did I know how integral this relationship would be towards the long-term success of Louet North America!

In 1994, my military career was at a crossroads, so I offered my services to my parents on a permanant basis; my other option was to go into computer programming. I had already been assisting them via remote access software working on databases and newsletters; they accepted my offer and I began my full-time employment for Louet Sales.

In our next installment, I’ll take you through my early years at Louet and how we came to manufacture knitting yarns.

What’s New For Fall from Louet!

Fair Isle Peacock Hat by Tanis Gray in Gems Fingering

In the fiber arts world, autumn is an eagerly-anticipated time of year: after hibernating all summer long, it’s time for your handmade items to come out to play! Additionally, the cooler air reminds us that winter is coming and it’s time to make even more hats, mittens, scarves, and sweaters.

Our favorite yarn for fall, superwash superstar Gems, is just what the doctor ordered! Available in several different weights and an array of color choices, you’re sure to find the perfect yarn for your next project. We’d like to sweeten the deal for those of you who’d like to enhance their stash, make a sweater, or gear up for holiday knitting: click here to download a PDF coupon to print and redeem at select retailers.

This special offer is good on fingering, sport, and worsted weights of Gems yarn – simply purchase 5 skeins of yarn in your preferred weight of yarn and receive a sixth skein free! Please note that all six skeins purchased must be the same weight of yarn, and of course, you must present this coupon at time of purchase!
Our brand-new PolarKnit kits to make Froggy, Ladybug or Piggy slippers are sure to delight the little ones in your life. For those of you who are young at heart, the pattern is sized up to adult, too! Each kit contains enough yarn to make the largest-sized slippers. Click here to see more easy-to-knit kits using this ultra-warm machine-washable yarn!

Handspinners will rejoice to see the latest fibers from our Canterbury Prize Wool Group; for those of you who are new to spinning or just getting started, we heartily recommend Drucilla Pettibone’s Spindling: From Fluff to Stuff video class on! Once you’ve mastered the basics using an easy-to-spin fiber such as our Blue Faced Leicester, give something more exotic a try with our soon-to-be-out Canterbury Prize Wool Sampler Pack. Look for this fiberlicious survey of sheep breeds in stores later this fall; each pack will include the following breeds: Blue-Faced Leicester, Cotswold, Jacob, Leicester, Romney, and Wensleydale!

We’re looking forward to Stitches East in Hartford, Connecticut this October 11th -14th; Louet is proud to sponsor this fun-filled event! Please enjoy 50% off the price of marketplace admission with our compliments – click here for an easy-to-print coupon to bring with you to the convention center. We look forward to seeing you in booth 511!

Our next event for October will be SOAR, the Spin-Off Autumn Retreat in Tahoe City, California October 21-27. This week-long offering of workshops and retreat sessions was created by the editorial team behind Spin-Off and Spinning Daily and is celebrating its 30th year! Louet is a proud sponsor this year, and Dave Van Stralen himself will be there to help fix your Louet  spinning wheels. Stop by and say hi!