GEMS Fall 2015 Palette

We’re pleased to introduce 18 new colors for Fall 2015 in our GEMS line of fingering, sport, and worsted weight yarns! We’re excited to offer these on-trend colors on the same high-quality superwash yarn you know and love: GEMS is spun using a 22 micron fiber with a long staple to give it a wonderful bounce and elasticity. It provides excellent stitch definition thanks to its high twist – which also means that projects made using GEMS yarn will be less likely to pill with frequent use!

Our new colors are (from L-R):
Top Row: Heron Grey, Mint, Blush, Straw, Cobalt Blue, Marine Blue.
Middle Row: Angelfish Blue, Tangerine, Apple Blossom, Brick Red, Cloud Grey, Fluorescent Green.
Bottom Row: Limestone, Grey Sky, Peacock, Olive, Buttercup, Lavender.

Make it Your Own by pairing your favorite new color with any pattern from our Fall 2015 pattern collection; we reccommend one of our more popular designs from this collection, the Paseo Shawl by Susana IC (shown above). This pretty two-color shawl is knit with both GEMS sport and worsted yarn, and it would look great in any of these color combinations:

These Retailers have stock of GEMS in all colors and weights: WEBS ,WEBSTERSA Good Yarn in Sarasota, FLRecycled Lamb in Golden, COWabi Sabi in Ottawa, & River City in Edmonton, AB.

Louet North America Fall 2015 & KAL

We’re thrilled to release a new collection of patterns for Louet North America Fall 2015. This collection includes 12 accessories for Gems yarns Fingering, Sport, and Worsted weights. These new pieces are perfect for transitioning from cool fall weather into bundling up for winter. You can see all the patterns on Ravelry.

Aperature Shawl by Quenna Lee

Petiole Capelet by Patty Nance

Petiole Capelet by Patty Nance

Motley Hat and Mitts by Laura Chau

Motley Hat and Mitts by Laura Chau

Curvilinear Hat and Cowl by Angela Tong

Curvilinear Hat and Cowl by Angela Tong

Landloper Hat by Mari Chiba

Landloper Hat by Mari Chiba

Landloper Mitts by Mari Chiba

Landloper Mitts by Mari Chiba

Shingle Cowl by Patty Nance

Shingle Cowl by Patty Nance

Lacuna Crochet Scarf by Cheryl Chow

Lacuna Crochet Scarf by Cheryl Chow

Arcuate Socks by Luise O'Neil

Arcuate Socks by Luise O’Neil

Tortuous Cowl by Patty Nance

Tortuous Cowl by Patty Nance

Pied Scarf by Quenna Lee

Pied Scarf by Quenna Lee

Paseo (stole version) by Susanna IC

Paseo (stole version) by Susanna IC


Paseo (shawl version) by Susanna IC

Paseo (shawl version) by Susanna IC

Paseo Knit Along Blogger and Youtube host Kemper Wray from Junkyarn will be hosting a knit along for the Paseo stole and shawl starting this month! Join her in the Junkyarn Ravelry group. The pattern includes directions for both the stole and shawl versions. The triangular shawl uses Gems Sport weight and the stole uses Gems Worsted Weight. Both can be knit with one solid color or with a contrast color as the edging–so there’s lots of room to personalize your garment! To participate: What: Paseo Knit-Along with Junkyarn When: KAL starts September 24, 2015 and ends October 31, 2015 Where: the Junkyarn Ravelry group Prizes: We’ll be giving away several prizes throughout the KAL, please see the Ravelry group for more info on how to win prizes!

Guest Post: Jane Stafford on Weaving with Louet Organic Cotton

Today, Jane Stafford returns as our guest on the Louet blog to share the reasons why she loves weaving with our cotton yarns in her studio. Jane also suggests some great weaving patterns which are designed specifically for today’s featured yarns and are available as free downloads on our website. Enjoy!

At Jane Stafford Textiles (JST), we love weaving with cotton and cottolin, especially when it is spun with organic cotton. Louet North America’s Organic Cotton and Cottolin yarns are manufactured by Venne in Holland, spun from Egyptian cotton, and certified organic through GOTS (Global Organics Textile Standards).

Organic cotton is so SOFT! It is amazing how different it feels compared to regular cotton, and it reduces the impact that growing cotton has on the environment. That’s why we love to use it at JST: to support the production and growth of sustainable textiles, while creating exquisitely woven pieces. Venne’s Organic Cotton can be used for so many items: the traditional tea towel, runners, scarves, shawls, and more.

I have always looked at the humble tea towel with great respect. Towels do so much work for us everyday, from drying our hands and dishes, to looking absolutely beautiful on a table or in a basket. We like to sett our 2/8 Venne at 18 epi for plain weave tea towels….it beats in at 18 ppi easily and the result is a stunning fabric. The patterns for our Cornucopia Tea Towels are available for free download here.

Cornucopia Towels - Free Weaving Pattern at result is soft yet sturdy with a lovely drape and hand. Having said all that, why not take your 2/8 cotton out of the kitchen and into some luxurious
scarves and shawls. This Bronson Lace scarf is light and lovely, perfect for a summer evening out and about (click here for a free pattern download).

Elegant and versatile, organic cotton also makes lovely place mats or a runner for your living room, dinning room, kitchen, or anywhere. This plain weave runner incorporates log cabin blocks to create a beautiful, earth-tone piece for a table or side board. It is also available for free download here on Louet’s website.

Click here to explore all of our VENNE yarns for your next weaving project. 

Euroflax Inspiration

With warm weather in most parts of North America our thoughts and needles have turned to summer knitting, and what’s more summery than lightweight knits in linen? Today we’re featuring some patterns and projects from knitters and designers featuring Louet Euroflax yarns, and we hope it’ll inspire your summer stitching, too!

Pattern Inspiration

Fine Sand by Heidi Kirrmaier is a lovely lightweight cardigan worked in Louet Euroflax Sport. It’s absolutely stunning in Steel Grey!

by Heidi Kirrmaier

Everyday Raglan by Purl Soho is a free pattern for 4-5 skeins of Euroflax Sport, shown here in Pewter. This is a great wardrobe staple that could work for multiple seasons!

Purl Soho

 ZigZag Twin Set by Gwen Bortner is two patterns in one–there’s a sleeveless top and a lightweight cardigan, both worked in Louet Euroflax Sport. Knit them both and you can wear them together or separately!

© Kellie Nuss

Knitter Projects

Elizabeth knit the beautiful Hapa shawl  by Mel Ski in Louet Euroflax Sport with two skeins each of Pewter and Natural.  We love the way she improvised her own asymmetrical stripes, and it looks like a lovely shawl with lots of drape!


© LizChristine

Bailey made the Casco Bay Cardigan by Carrie Bostick Hodge with two shades of Euroflax Sport held double for a lovely ombre cardigan. She combined the cream and the natural, with the yarn held double at the top and the bottom, and a single strand of each in the center. What a wonderful lightweight cardigan for cool summer evenings!

Cardigan in Louet Euroflax Sport

© amondesignlab

Substituting Yarns

As the temperatures rise, you might find yourself looking for lightweight knitting projects to make and wear. Louet Euroflax is a wonderful lightweight yarn that’s perfect for summer: it’s airy, machine washable and dryable, and linen is is cool and breatheable on hot summer days. Today we’re going to talk about how to substitute Euroflax into a pattern, with tips and tricks to make sure your project is a success!

Substituting yarns can affect the gauge, size, and overall appearance of your finished item. It is extremely important that you check for gauge and also take the properties of the yarns used in the original design as well as the key design elements into consideration when making your substitution. Linen yarns have a very different hand and drape from other fibers; in this post, we have some suggestions to help you successfully substitute Euroflax yarn into some of our designs for warm-weather knits.

Before we start, let’s review the recommended stitch gauge for each of the yarns we’ll be looking at today:

Euroflax Sport Weight: 6 sts per inch

Gems Sport Weight: 5-6 sts per inch

Gems Fingering: 6.5-7.5 sts per inch.

When swapping yarns, it’s even more important than usual to make sure that you swatch! This step is crucial to ensure that you match your gauge swatch to what is required in your pattern. Not matching the gauge accurately means your item could come out too large or too small – or you could run out of yarn! When working with Euroflax make sure to machine wash and dry your swatch before measuring, this will give you the most accurate reflection of how your finished item will measure up too. You can read more tips and tricks for knitting with Euroflax in this blog post.

First up, it’s pretty easy to substitute Euroflax Sport weight yarn in patterns which call  for Gems Sport Weight yarn (and vice versa!) . A few things you’ll want to keep in mind is that the item in Euroflax is going to have lots of lovely drape, but it won’t really hold its shape because it doesn’t have the memory of wool. In other words, Euroflax is much better suited for items that are intended to flow a bit, and don’t require a close fit. So, while the gauge may match for hats or mitten patterns which originally call for Gems Sport Eeight yarn, we don’t recommend substituting in Euroflax – which is totally fine since we’re talking about summertime knits anyway!

Swapping Euroflax Sport for Gems Sport

Ballson, from Louet North America Spring 2014, was originally designed for Gems Sport. The gauge is the same as Euroflax (6 sts per inch) and the lace would look great knit up in our linen yarn. Therefore, this pattern would be a great choice for knitting with Euroflax!


Need a lightweight cardigan for chilly evenings and air conditioned offices? What about a Euroflax Sport version of Zulia? Originally worked in Gems sport, this crochet cardigan would work well for summer in Euroflax!

Swapping Euroflax Sport for Gems Fingering

Although Gems Fingering is a lighter weight yarn that’s generally knit at a smaller gauge than Euroflax sport, it’s still possible to swap the yarns without having to do the math.

One great candidate for this would be the Roanoke top from Louet Spring 2014. This breezy tee was originally designed for Gems Fingering, but since it’s knit at 6 sts per inch, Euroflax Sport would be a lovely substitution for a lightweight summer top!

Accessories designed for Gems Fingering are also perfect for knitting in Euroflax Sport. Since you don’t have to worry so much about fit, it’s much easier to just work the pattern at a different gauge. Of course, it’s important to note that you’ll probably need a little more yarn and your item will come out larger – you may also need to adjust the needle size when making this substitution. Cowls, wraps and scarves are all excellent options for this type of substitution, and we think both of these shawls would be wonderful in Euroflax Sport:

Ewyn, from Louet North America Fall 2014:

Sheyenne, from Louet North America Spring 2014:

If you have questions about substituting Euroflax for one of your projects ask the experts here in our Ravelry group!

Colinton 2015 Patterns

In our last post we announced the release of our new collection of patterns, Louet North America Colinton 2015. This latest collection celebrates the new partnership between Louet North America and Colinton Australia: Louet is proud to be the new exclusive distributor for these beautiful mohair yarns produced by Colinton Australia.

We released all 8 patterns throughout the early part of April; three of these designs are re-released version of patterns by Trudy Van Stralen which originally used our KidLin yarn (it has since been discontinued). The patterns have been updated with additional sizes and charts, and more.

Monica is an elegant shawl with a unique stitch pattern for cloud-like stole knit up in Colinton Lace.

Monica, Louet North America

Gisele is a wonderful airy vest that’s a great piece for laying in transitional weather. It’s knit in Colinton, shown here in Shiraz.

Gisele, Louet North America

Myra was re-designed to include two sizes, and can be knit in either Colinton Lace or Ultrafine.


Colinton Australia Lace, shown in Moss

Myra, Louet North America

Colinton Australia Ultrafine, in Honeysuckle Tonal

We also have 5 new patterns which pair Colinton Australia yarns with our Louet Gems yarns, three of which are brand-new designs from Susanna IC. The  first is the Reciprocity Stole, an easy-to-knit stole that combines Gems Fingering and Colinton Lace Ultrafine for a beautiful combination of texture and color.

Reciprocity Shawl, Louet North America

The second is the Affinity Top, which can be worn alone or over a t-shirt in cooler weather. The contrast in weights – a combination of Gems Sport and Colinton Lace – creates an elegant sheer upper section.

Louet North America Affinity Top

The third design by Susanna IC is the Concurrence Shawl, a fun triangle shawl worked from the top down Gems Fingering and Colinton Lace.

Concurrence Shawl, Louet North America

We also have two new patterns from Patty Nance to round out the collection. Nikkitta combines yarns and techniques: the lovely crochet edging uses both Gems Fingering and Colinton Lace and the translucent body of the shawl is knit in Colinton Lace.

Nikkita Shawl, Louet North America

And finally, we have a knit bolero with lace edging that combines Gems Sport and Colinton Lace. The Leona Bolero is a great way to keep the chill away on cool spring and summer evenings.

Leona Bolero, Louet North America

You can see the whole collection on Ravelry: Louet North America Colinton 2015. What folks may not know is that we photographed this collection in Boston in January of this year: you may recall that Boston got a lot of snow this past winter! Although it was snowing outside on the day of the shoot, we were in the warmth and beauty of the Wellsley College greenhouse. Here are a few photos of the beautiful greenhouse, and thanks so much to the wonderful staff at Wellsley for allowing us to shoot there!

Guest Post: Susanna IC

Today we have a guest post from talented designer Susanna IC. Susanna’s Taimi Cowl is featured on the cover of the Louet Spring 2015 collection, and Susanna has also contributed to our past collections including Ewyn from Fall 2014, and Blaeberry from Spring 2014.

What do you imagine when you think of spring? I picture millions of tiny little leaves bursting out of their winter cocoons and painting everything with their luminescent greens. Taimi (Finnish, meaning ‘seedling’) is a circular wrap that features delicate lace pattern reminiscent of those tender green shoots.

The sinuous lace is based on a traditional pattern in which the lace stitches are worked on both sides.  However, to make this project a beginner lace knitter friendly, the wrap is worked circularly and all the patterning is done only on the right side. This, along with the short repeat, makes the lace very easy to work and quick to memorize. The lace can also be embellished with glass beads that, much like dew drops on leaves, add some beautiful sparkle and texture to the finished project.

The pattern includes directions for two versions of Taimi; a cowl, which fits closely around the neck, and an infinity scarf, which can be wrapped several times as a cowl or worn loosely as a long scarf. Both samples pictured here were knitted with Louet’s Euroflax linen, in lace weight (green) and sport weight (pink). Besides being a perfect choice for the warm months, the 100% linen gives beautiful stitch definition to the lace and a gorgeous drape to the finished project. That said, Taimi could be worked just as successfully with any of the Louet’s Gems yarns, fingering up to the worsted weight; the luscious merino yarn would transform Taimi into a snuggly accessory perfect for the colder seasons.

I would love to see your versions of Taimi, and I hope you will share your projects with me on Ravelry. Happy knitting!


Enter to win a skein of Louet Euroflax Sport and the Taimi pattern! Click here to join the Louet Newsletter and enter to win! If you’re already a part of our list you won’t be added again, and you can still enter to win!

Louet Spring 2015 Knit-A-Long

We just launched the Louet North American Spring 2015 Collection last week, and we’re excited to be hosting a blog tour and knit-a-long for this collection.

What’s a KAL?
A knit-a-long is an event where people get together and knit with a common goal/purpose. Knit-a-longs have been going on for as long as people have been knitting, but we love the idea of an online knit-a-long where people can participate from all around the world. It’s a great way to meet new people and help you to stay motivated as you knit.

How do I participate?
Join in on the fun and knit any pattern from Louet North America Spring 2015 Collection with Louet yarn. Our KAL officially starts on Monday, March 15th and runs through Friday, April 30th. Visit the Ravelry group for more info on how to participate and win prizes!

Where’s the Louet Spring 2015 KAL?
We’ll be hosting an ongoing discussion in the Louet Ravelry group. You can also post photos of your work in progress on Instagram and Twitter by tagging @louetnorthamerica on Instagram and @louetna on Twitter using #LouetSpring2015

Why join a KAL?
1. To get motivated and spend time with others who are knitting the same patterns.
2. To enter win a variety of great prizes that will be offered–we’ll be giving away one kit a week for two months throughout March and April–that’s 8 chances to win great prizes!
3. To build your Spring wardrobe!

So many prizes!
We’ll be giving away one prize a week starting today on our Instagram channel, follow @louetna and tag your photo #LouetSpring2015. Prizes will be kits including yarn and the pattern for patterns from the Spring 2015 collection.

Learn more about the patterns in the Spring patterns through the Louet Spring 2015 Blog Tour!

March 2: Louet Blog, Spring Knit-A-Long & Kickoff
March 4: Lindsay Lewchuck, How to Hem Tutorial
March 9: Mari Knits, Pattern Inspiration & Giveaway
March 16: Louet Blog, guest post by designer Lynda Rosetti
March 29: Louet Blog, guest post by designer Susanna IC & Giveaway

Holla Knits Home Collection

The wonderful new Holla Knits Home Collection launched recently, and we’re excited to share one of the many beautiful projects in this collection with you today. Elemental Lines by Kristen Singer is a set of knits that includes a table runner, placemat, and coaster patterns.

This set is knit with Euroflax Sport, shown here in Pewter. The linen is a great choice for project because it’s machine washable, and you can put it in the dryer too! That means that you won’t have to worry about spilling food and drink on them, and they will cotinue to get softer as you use and wash them.

All of the pieces have clean modern lines that go with any room decor. Just choose a color that fits your room. These would also make great wedding and house warming gifts.

There are many other lovely patterns in the collection, and we encourage you to take a look at the other great patterns in the Holla Knits Home Collection.

Visit the other stops along the blog tour:

July 8: The Sweatshop of Love
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July 15: Louet Blog
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July 17: Knits in Class

New Colors of Euroflax + Pattern Inspiration!

Euroflax is a great yarn choice for warm-weather projects: it’s available in a wide range of colors and is machine washable and dryable, too! Euroflax is a perfect choice for garments you will wear again and again as the weather turns warmer. We have introduced four exciting new colors this year, shown below (L-R): Soft Violet, Orchid, Sunset, and Lake Placid.

There are plenty of new patterns and old favorites to keep you knitting all summer long. Most recently, Grace Akhrem designed the Tuolumne Tank, currently available in the Knitscene’s Summer issue.  Depending on size, you will need 3 – 4 skeins of Euroflax Sport in the main color and 1 skein in a contrasting color. Shown here, Natural is the main color with Goldenrod is the contrast. 

 Another newly published design is the Sienna Top by Mimi Alelis, which appears in the new book It Girl Crochet. The pattern uses simple shaping, a one-piece bottom-up construction, and an interesting pattern stitch to make it a fun and easy project to crochet in Euroflax Sport.
There are several garments from our Spring Collection which are perfect for warmer weather (below, L-R): Selway by Karen Marlatt, Gunnison by Anne Podlesak, Niobrara by Jairlyn Mason, and Tanana by Patty Nance are all worked in Euroflax Sport.