Meet the Roving Drum Carder + See It Spun

Meet our affordable Roving Drum Carder! This pint-sized powerhouse allows you to create an extra-long, narrow batt that is ready to spin the moment you pull it off of the carder! You can watch the short video below for an overview of its unique features,  then click here to view on our website!  

With the Tour de Fleece just around the corner, now is a great time to evaluate your fiber stash and plan your spinning projects for July. If you’ve been curious to try some of our spin-worthy fibers, you might want to check out some of these recent reviews featuring Louet spinning fiber:

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You can read more about Knitting Sarah‘s spinning adventures with Louet fibers such as Shetland, Wensleydale, Finn and more here on her breed-specific recap post!

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Fiber Processing Made Easy

Processing fiber as you prepare to start spinning can be a time-consuming endeavor, but with the right tools, it can not only be a little bit easier – it can also be fun!

Our new XL Drum Carder gives you a whole new way to Make it Your Own! The wide drum, loosely-spaced extra-long teeth and high surface speed ratio allow you to create lovely, lofty blended batts. In the video below, we’ll show you how to create a batt while giving you a tour of the XL Drum Carder, which shares many of Louet’s standard features: it is specially designed so that you never need to make adjustments; the gear box is completely enclosed to keep fiber out of the chain drive; and the large drum sports a wooden groove which makes batt removal a breeze. It includes table clamps a doffer brush, and a doffer pin. Set your creativity on fire with this essential fiber prep tool!

Another new arrival to our fiber preparation line is our Blending Board, which allows you to produce rolags and batts consistently with one handy tool! The board has 72 teeth per inch (not sharpened) and is made of laquered laminated birch measuring 30 x 30 cm. There is a rotating keel with 3 locations for locking into place; it also comes with two dowels and a blending brush for easy fiber removal.

Why spin from a batt or rolag? If you have been hoarding fibers, they are a great way to make unique color and fiber combinations while using up your stash – here is a fantastic article about building a batt from your stash from KnittySpin to inspire you! Batts are rather versatile: from the blanket of fiber you create, you can use it in a variety of ways to make either a worsted or woolen yarn; you can spin from one end of the whole shebang, predraft strips of the batt, pull off chunks of fiber as you go, or even roll it up as though it were a rolag as we saw in this clever photo tutorial! If you would like to try your hand at spinning a true woolen yarn, rolags are the way to go (though you can also spin a worsted-style yarn from rolags).

Both preparations are a great way to explore color and texture in your handspun yarns. We look forward to seeing your creations here in our Ravelry group!

Going Batty: Drum Carders

Drumcarders are to spinners what KitchenAid mixers are are to bakers.  The joy of spinning with a custom batt is akin to the joy of eating that perfected cupcake recipe.   Frida Åberg of Friday Studio demonstrates this nicely in her You Tube video showing how she makes a blended batt on her Louet Roving Carder. It demonstrates the cozy relationship between a spinner and her batt maker.

At Louet, we have been making drum carders for a long time. Over the years we have developed a close relationship with the spinning community.  Last year, we resonded to your request to shorten the teeth on the carding cloth to make the carding process easier.  Every time we change a product or introduce changes, we have it carefully tested.  Our carders are tested by well-loved author, artist, and spinner Deb Menz who wrote the helpful booklet that comes with your carder.

Last year, we introduced the Elite Carder. A highly versatile carder, we made it with the batt maker that pushes the envelope in mind. It makes creating custom blended batts that are filled with an array of textures, fibers, and colors a breeze. Features that spinners really like, are the two feed speeds that allow you to introduce a wide variety of fibers with ease and the long feel-in tray that allows you to stage fiber in the order that you want to use them, increasing your efficiency.  That is just two of the features that the Elite Carder has to offer.  There are many more!

Whether you are new to drum carding or have been at it for decades we have a carder that will work just for you. And, of course, we have a wide variety of fibers for you to choose from to make just that just-right blend batt for your next project.  Stay tuned, as we give you more tips and tricks for using the drumcarder.  If you have any questions feel free to post!