Jane Stafford

Retailer Spotlight: Jane Stafford Textiles

Location: On beautiful Salt Spring Island, situated between Vancouver Island and the British Columbia mainland in the Salish Sea.

Website: janestaffordtextiles.com

Jane Stafford Textiles

Jane Stafford is one of North America’s most highly skilled weaving instructors and the namesake of the Louet Jane loom (yes, really!). She has been weaving most of her adult life, and teaching for many of those years. Since becoming a Louet dealer in 1990, she has worked closely with the company and gave invaluable advice for developing what many call the best table loom on the market.

Jane’s studio on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada is a weaver’s paradise. It’s a place where the joy of the craft comes to life! Since opening, hundreds of weavers have come to the studio to deepen their skills on the loom.

planning weaving in Jane Stafford's studio

The studio is located on an island in the Salish sea, located between Vancouver Island and the British Columbian mainland. It features spectacular coastal and pastoral scenery and a moderate climate. The local area is known for the hiking, the food producers, the shoreline, the artisans, the quaint country roads, the artists.

Jane Stafford’s studio has all of the Louet looms on display on the floor and boasts tremendous customer service, not only in teaching, but also in product support.

Jane Stafford

Sounds like a dream, right? Are you already checking flight prices?

Alas, a visit to that lovely corner in the world isn’t practical for all of us, which is why Jane offers the Jane Stafford Textiles Online Guild. For $75 per year, online students receive access to all the Online Guild episodes produced to date, plus every episode produced over the coming year as well. It’s an amazing way for weavers across the world to get a flavor of visiting the studio without leaving home!

The last Online Guild episode was on the topic of weaving with mohair, and in addition to the episode, students have access to the Online Guild forums, where they can chat, connect and share.

Jane says her favorite physical product (because, of course, weaving & teaching are her first passions!) is the lovely hand-dyed silk, dyed right on the island. Wouldn’t that make an amazing souvenir?

Whether you are lucky enough to visit in person, or just virtually, weavers of all levels will be inspired by spending some time with Jane!

Address: 142 Richard Flack Road, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 1N4, Canada

Website: janestaffordtextiles.com

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Erica new Louet table loom

Meet Erica, our new table loom!

Meet Erica! We’re super-excited to introduce this compact-yet-might loom to the Louet family!

Erica new Louet table loom

Erica is a 12″ (30cm) table loom that comes standard with 2 harnesses. If you’re comfortable weaving on a rigid heddle, this is the perfect ‘next step’! Rigid heddle (or newbie!) weavers will appreciate the ease of operating a 2-shaft loom, but will also delight in the increased possibilities and ease of operation over a rigid heddle loom.

The Erica comes with 200 heddles and a 40-10 (10 dent) reed. Heddle length for the Erica is 150mm.

Add up to 4 harnesses!

The Erica accommodates up to 4 harnesses (2 are included, additional shafts available for purchase), meaning this sweet little loom has lots of room to handle more complex weaving patterns.

Whether you’re learning to weave, upgrading from a rigid heddle loom, or just looking for a fabulous little package that can work as your travel loom, Erica is for you!

Compact Weaving!

The Erica easily folds so that you can take this loom with you when traveling or store away compactly when not in use (although we’re not sure when you won’t be using this gem!)

Erica loom, folded

Just like the well-loved Jane, Erica folds with your in-progress weaving in place!

Order yours, now!

The Erica is currently shipping out to our retailers… and they’ve been selling like hotcakes, so we don’t have a single one left for our own shop!

To grab your loom, contact your LYS and ask if they have extras available (some shops have waitlists!) or email us and we can direct you to a retailer.

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Moon Spot Cowl by SweaterFreak Knits

Moon Spots KAL

Nothing makes us more excited to find that perfect pairing between pattern + yarn. It’s the recipe for knitting enjoyment and a fantastic finished project!

And when it’s bundled up in a fun Knit-a-long? Hooray!

Moon Spot Cowl by SweaterFreak Knits

Looking for a fun Knit-a-long to take your mind off of holiday stress? Look no further!

Jenny of Sweaterfreak Knits is hosting the Moon Spots KAL, the perfect project for this time of year! You choose: cowl, mitts or hat… each one features fabulous textures (including that sweet bobble).

The first clue for the KAL will be posted on December 8th, with the final clue on December 18th, so you’ll have it all wrapped up before Christmas. That means these could be knitted for presents (if you’re the generous sort… I’m keeping the cowl for myself!)

The pattern listings are live now (and on sale before the first clue comes out), so head over to grab your place:

And head to the KAL thread to share your progress!

Never knitted a bobble before? No worries! Jenny was kind enough to come by our blog and share a step-by-step bobble knitting tutorial!

All three samples are knit in Louet Gems Worsted, Cloud Grey. Gems has great stitch definition, the cables and bobbles really pop! And… it’s super-soft to wear. Gems is 100% merino that’s ‘prickle-proof’!

Moon Spots fingerless mitts

Sound like fun?

Head on over to the Jenny’s Ravelry Page to purchase, and grab your yarn either on our site or at your favorite local retailer!


bobble tutorial knitting

Learn to Knit a Bobble!

I am delighted to introduce you to Jenny, aka SweaterFreak! Jenny’s designs are beautiful and her latest is knit in Louet Gems Worsted… it’s a KAL (that’s a knit-a-long) pattern that launches Monday! It’s a pattern with lots of different textures, which is a perfect pairing for Gems‘s amazing stitch definition!

Sweater Freak Knits KAL Moon Spots

Jenny was kind enough to come by and give us a detailed tutorial on how to knit one of the beautiful stitches in her new pattern, the bobble stitch.

To grab this great pattern, head to Jenny’s Ravelry Page and look for Moon Spots!

Here’s Jenny!

Bobbles are everywhere these days and they are surprisingly easy to add anywhere you need that extra punch. They look equally gorgeous in accessories and garments and add a bit of dimension (no pun intended!)

There are many ways to work bobbles and we are going to talk about two versions I used in my latest patterns. Both versions are worked on one stitch only.

Bobble tutorial knitting

Step 1: You are at the point where you’d like to work your bobble.

bobble tutorial knitting

Step 2: Knit into the front of the next stitch on the left needle; do not take the resulting 2 stitch off the needle.

knitting bobble tutorial

Step 3: Knit into the back of the same stitch; do not take them off yet!

knitting bobble tutorial

Step 4: Then knit into the front of the same stitch again. Steps 2 – 4 are called kfbf increase – it’s a double increase that produces three stitches out of one. Move the resulting three stitches to the right needle.

Below is what you should have at this point:

knitting bobble tutorial

knitting bobble tutorial

Step 5: Turn your work. And purl three stitches.

Here is what it looks like:

knitting bobble tutorial

knitting bobble tutorial

Step 6: Turn your work and knit three stitches.

knitting bobble tutorial

Step 7: In this step you are going to go from three stitches back to one – slip the second stitch on the right needle over the first stitch twice to get back down to one.

Now you have got a bobble!

knitting bobble tutorial

A minor variation on this method can be used to create a subtler version of the bobble. After turning your work in Steps 5 and 6, simple slip the first stitch purlwise without working it, then work the remaining two stitches (either purl or knit them depending on whether you are working the right or wrong side).

See how much smaller the bobble on the left is?

knitting bobble tutorial

This is just one way to create a multi-dimensional effect in your knitting. There are many ways to create bobbles – try them all and enjoy!

Thanks so much Jenny! Browse Jenny’s beautiful patterns with bobbles here and grab yourself some lovely yarn in your fave color!