How to Wind Yarn into a hank/skein from a cone by hand!

Cottolin Louet 100g cones

Cottolin 100 gr cones from Louet North America, shown in an array of blues

Have you ever looked at yarn on cones and thought, ‘what am I going to do with that?’ Buying yarn on cones can be a great cost-savings (since you’re buying in a large quantity), and you can easily wind the yarn into an easier-to-manage format yourself!

You can wind yarn straight from a cone into a ball using a ball-winder. But today I’m going to show you how to put yarn into a hank!

Beautiful hank of yarn- skein

Are you confused about all of the yarn names? What’s a hank? Skein? Ball? I am too! Check out this post on types of yarn packaging (also called “put-ups” in the yarn industry).

How to use a Niddy Noddy

To make one of these beautiful hanks, you’ll need a wooden device called a Niddy Noddy. If you’re handy, you can even make one yourself!

Watch this video to see how to wind yarn using a Niddy Noddy:

Once you’ve made your skein, you’ll want to tie the ends around the yarn (this keeps the yarn tidy, and you’ll cut them when you’re ready to wind the yarn). Once your yarn is all tied up, you’re ready to put it into a hank!

Why is yarn in hanks?

There are a few advantages to storing yarn in hanks: they are less likely to get tangled (than a ball that can easily unwind), they sit nicely on your shelf and they just look pretty!

Additionally, hanks are preferred by dyers because dye can easily touch all parts of the yarn, and dry quickly. (Try dyeing a ball of yarn… that center won’t dry very easily!)

Have you ever tried dyeing yarn yourself? It’s easy! You can get started with Kool-Aid (really!) Louet Gems is a great yarn to dye because wool absorbs dye really easily… try it!