Why Louet Gems is a Great Choice for your 30 Day Sweater

Louet GEMS & Soak Wash

Have you ever wished for a wool yarn that didn’t pill as much? So did Trudy Van Stralen. But she also wanted a yarn that was easy to care for. After much experimentation with spinning and twist, she come up with what we know today as Louet GEMS, an incredibly soft superwash wool that is resistant to pilling. Lets take a look at why you should get your hands on GEMS yarn to knit your 30 Day Sweater!

When choosing yarn for your next sweater project, you always want to make sure that it will be properly taken care of by the person you are making it for. While many knitters enjoy taking the time to hand wash their handknits, using superwash yarns can certainly make life easier. Also, using a superwash yarn makes your project more versatile: just knowing that you can throw it in the washer makes it a great choice for knitting children’s sweaters or sweaters for people who might not remember to hand wash.

Louet GEMS has incredible stitch definition: after the yarn is tightly spun, it is lightly steamed, which means that the resulting yarn will really show off your stitch pattern! This yarn would be great to try a simple eyelet pattern, cables or even just a nice texture stitch for your next sweater.

In addition to having great stitch definition, GEMS comes in 31 beautiful colors. When you’re choosing a color for your 30 Day Sweater, make sure that you pick something that will work with the clothes you already have. When I knit sweaters to coordinate with my wardrobe, I find that they get

Hazel Cardigan by Robin Melanson: look at those lovely cables!

worn much more often. If you are a dyer (or just feeling adventurous), GEMS is particularly well suited to accept dyes. Trudy Van Stralen, the creator of this yarn was actually a very successful hand dyer, so she found it essential to create a yarn that was also great for dyeing!

Finally, one of the very best reasons to use Louet GEMS for your next sweater is because it feels amazing! The yarn is spun using a 22 micron fiber with a long staple to give it a wonderful bounce and elasticity. When the yarn is plied together, they actually use less twist in order to make the yarn feel extra soft to the touch. The softness and feel of the yarn was so important to Trudy that she would actually tell her staff “not to twist the skeins too tightly as it would make the yarn seem hard and unappealing.”

Overall, GEMS is a great option for your next sweater project. It is soft, has incredible color options, great stitch definition and is easy-care, too!

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