What is the Difference between the Louet Kombo and Jane Looms?

The Louet Kombo Loom underwent a number of improvements and was reborn into the current Jane Loom, named after Jane Stafford. The Jane is now our best-selling loom!

Louet Jane Loom

We made the loom more user-friendly, and now it is much-loved!

So, what changed? And what’s the same? And which parts can be used on an older Kombo loom? Keep reading!

Changes: Kombo to Jane

Toggle movement. With the Kombo, the slightest bump of the toggle or the harness itself, you could force the harness down and mess up your pick. The Jane features toggles with a new hinge point to allow a very definitive position when you lift a harness. It now almost clicks in place. This positive lock position for lifted harness make the Jane toggle system much more user friendly.

A Handle and feet.  We added 4 rubber feet on one side of the Jane 40 and a leather carrying handle on the other side of the Jane 40 to make this loom easy to carry and able to set it down if you need to, without worrying about scuffing the wood.

Lock away your beater. The Kombo beater naturally wanted to swing forward due to gravity and this would take up several inches of your weaving area. Kombo users often added a couple elastics to their beater in order hold the beater closer to the castle and out of the way. The Jane now has a plastic locking spring that keeps the beater tucked up tight to the castle and out of the weaver’s way.

Folding your Jane. The Kombo folded flat, the same as the Jane, however, if you were not careful, it could spring open. Users would use a bungee cord to keep the Kombo folded up.  The Jane loom folds even flatter (it has a lower profile than the Kombo by 3”) and now the same nuts that are used to lock the Jane in an upright position, also lock the Jane in a folded position.

Harnesses. Jane harnesses are assembled with elastic cords that help snap a harness back to the rest position, rather than relying on gravity with the Kombo.

Second warp beam. The second warp beam of the Kombo differs from that of the Jane. The sizes are the same, but the ratchet wheel is not in the same place.

A bag. Jane now has a bag that is designed for the Jane 40.

Kombo & Jane Parts

The Kombo and Jane share the current floor stand, bench, 2nd warp beam and heddles, meaning if you have a Kombo, Jane parts are what you need. The raddle sections are the same for both looms. The beam tie up cords are the same for both looms.

The Kombo and Jane have  a variety of differences, including:

  • Harness ends
  • The cords to tie up harnesses to the toggles are different length between the 2 looms
  • The Kombo had 4 toggles mounted on a block where as Jane toggles are individual and mounted with a custom plastic mounting bracket
  • The warp/cloth beam handles
  • Harness bars
  • Only the Jane uses black elastic cords
  • The reed holders

If you need any Kombo replacement parts (whether they are unique to the Kombo or shared with the Jane), please contact your local dealer to order!