Welcome to the Louet Family!

We would like to take you on a little journey through the inner workings of our company, from where we are today to where we started years ago. In the months to come, you’ll be given an inside look into our processes, from designing the perfect loom to carefully selecting a yarn or fiber based on a refined set of criteria. We hope you’ll enjoy reading these bits of knitting, weaving, & spinning history from Louet North America.

Dave Van Stralen, photo courtesy of Cotton Clouds’ Blog

Louet North America was originally founded in 1983. Dave’s parents, Jan and Trudy Van Stralen began managing the company in 1989 and bought LNA in 1992. It’s been family owned and operated since that time.

Today, Dave and his wife Pam own and operate Louet North America. They have 3 kids; a daughter who is 24 has blessed them with their first grandchild eight months ago, as well as two boys who are in their late teens. Pam and Dave are dedicated to growing and cultivating strong relationships in the industry for many years to come.

Creativity from a product and design standpoint is paramount for a company in the fiber industry. Dave and Pam recognize the strong ties people have built with Louet over the years and know that it is because of high quality and great service. They strive to continue these characteristics, and only expand the product line if the quality is right, such as our latest addition to the Euroflax family of yarns, Euroflax Lace.

Stay tuned for future installments, where we’ll share even more fibery stories from our storied past here at Louet North America!

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      • Beucki

        Personally, I don’t like bobbins. They wind aronud each other and get caught. I usually just do a butterfly with the additional color(s). It’s less expensive and leave me less crazed. This is a gentle way to start intarsia the back is more stripey than it is color work.Go for it!

  • Andreea

    I never thought I’d rellay like working from cones of yarn, but when I started weaving (about 3 weeks ago) I did some knitting from the cones as well and it works better than I expected! I love that shade of blue. It almost matches my living room walls!

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