Walk in the Woods

Can I tell you about my perfect type of knitting? It’s a pattern that has some interest to it and I learn something new… but it’s not so complicated that if someone calls my name, I completely lose track of where I am and I need to rip back 2 rows.

I mean, I dream of knitting a Shetland Lace shawl. They’re gorgeous! It’s just that, like most of you, I squeeze my knitting into a busy life. And I’ve gotta just be practical about my projects.

I’m in love with Walk in the Woods by Lisa Hannes of Maliha Designs. Isn’t it gorgeous?

The complicated-looking colorwork pattern is created by slip stitches, so that you’re only knitting with one color per row. And on the purl rows, you’re copying what you did on the right side. It’s like a little mini-vacation every other row. Love it.

The pattern is written as well as charted, which is awesome. Can I tell you what I did with my pattern? I printed out the chart (it’s 1 double-sided page) on paper, and took it to a copy shop and had it laminated (it was about 2 bucks). That way, I can throw it in my bag and easily use a sticky note to remind me what row I’m on. Because, you know… life.

Check out my progress! I started a week ago, and I’ve become obsessed.

I’m knitting mine in Louet Gems Worsted in Aqua and Pewter.
But so many color combinations would be awesome… like Marine Blue and Gold. Or Eggplant and Champagne. Oooh.

Head on over to the Ravelry listing of Walk in the Woods to purchase, and grab your yarn either on our site or at your favorite local retailer!