Update to Megado Dobby 2.0

To our customers who are owners of the Louët Megado Computer Dobby 2.0, we hope you are enjoying it and have some updates to share.

With the new Megado Dobby 2.0 it is possible to weave using a wireless connection via your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome) from your computer or tablet. You will find instructions for the setup in the manual.

In addition, it is also always possible to control the Dobby 2.0 using third party software (e.g. ProWeave, Fiberworks, Weavepoint, Winweef). For this you use the supplied USB-A-B cable, as explained in the manual.

The current version of the web interface of the Dobby 2.0 only contains basic functionality. The explanation can be found in the manual.

A new version of the web interface with more extensive functions is currently being tested. This update will be available in January 2019. The built-in computer of the Dobby 2.0 can receive this update via the internet.

To be kept informed of the updates you can register your product on www.louetdobby.com (available beginning January 15, 2019).

On this website, specially developed for Dobby 2.0 users, you will find information about the latest developments, answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) and installation and update procedures. Also tips, tricks, weaving patterns and updates of the manual will be published there.

You can also ask questions that will be answered by the Dobby 2.0 support team. This part of the website is only accessible to registered users. You can register your Dobby 2.0 by filling in the web form on this website. For this you need the serial number of the Dobby 2.0, which you can find on a sticker beneath the solenoids.