Is your Superwash Yarn Made to Last?

Nothing is more frustrating than spending all that time making a sweater… only to have it felt or look like roadkill after a few washes. And if you’ve bought a Superwash yarn and had it felt after putting it in the dryer- you know what we’re talking about.

Did you know that many Superwash wool yarns aren’t Superdry? That’s right. Take an ordinary Superwash yarn, and it will likely felt in the dryer. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself. 

superwash yarn swatchesThese are real swatches, with Gems Worsted on the left. Yes, we could have picked off that one pill at the bottom for a better photo, but we didn’t. These are real, undisturbed swatches. Try this experiment for yourself!

We care a lot not only about how our yarn looks in the skein, but how it’s going to look in the sweater after the 10th wash. And in 10 years. Because handmade items should be heirlooms that last.

The photo above is 4 swatches that looked identical at the start: same size, same garter stitch edging and same purl rows in between stockinette for texture. We took these swatches and washed and dried them dozens of times with normal laundry. Yeah, we were hard on them. No garment bags. The velcro on a baseball uniform may have gotten involved. That’s real life.

We knew the non-superwash wool would felt: it’s supposed to. But we didn’t expect how much the 2 Superwash wool yarns would. They are much smaller and the textures of the different stitch patterns are hardly recognizable. The Gems Worsted (100% Merino Wool) didn’t shrink and kept its stitch definition. That’s a yarn we can stand behind.

Gems comes in 3 weights: fingering, sport and worsted. And in 50+ gorgeous colors. We think it’s going to be your new favorite sweater yarn. Head to your local retailer, pick out your favorite color and try it for yourself. You’re going to love what you make.