Spring Floor Loom

Louet Spring Floor Loom

A dream loom for the serious weaver!  Makes weaving so easy and light weight you can weave for hours on end without aching.  This loom will weave anything from silk to mohair yarns. The Louet Spring loom is one of the most innovative cleverly designed floor looms on the market today. It uses the parallel countermarch system for the harnesses and lamms and features our patented floating breast beam system. The warp beam is held by a friction brake, enabling you to advance the fabric sitting at your loom.

A number of innovations make weaving with the Spring pleasurable experience and the loom matches the highest expectations regarding function and quality. Making or changing tie-up is very easy: simply hook on the supplied Texsolv loop cords, which are pre-cut to the right length. The beater adjusts for height and level. Spring has been our most popular floor looms for many years.

Available sizes, each width available with 800 or 1200 heddles:

  • Spring 90: 35″ (90 cm) weaving width
  • Spring 110: 44″ (110 cm) weaving width

All Spring looms are now shipped with an improved click-lock system, allowing you to easily add or subtract heddles. A conversion kit is available for older looms.

  • Lightweight treadling
  • Patented floating breast beam system
  • Large 5” shed
  • Texsolv heddles
  • Nylon pulleys for smooth operation
  • Beater adjusts for height and level
  • Castle section comes pre-assembled to ease the setup of the loom
  • Includes a built-in raddle on top of the castle
  • Storage shelf
  • the Louet floating breast beam, a unique warp tension control system, which allows the weaver to set and check the warp tension each time the warp is advanced
  • Stainless steel reed 40-10 (metric),
  • 800/1200 Texsolv heddles (390 mm)
  • Tie-up and lease sticks
  • Sixteen warp sticks
  • Assembly instruction Manual

Available sizes, each width available with 800 or 1200 heddles:

  • Spring 90: 35″ (90 cm) weaving width
  • Spring 110: 44″ (110 cm) weaving width
  • 390 mm heddles (packages of 100)
  • Bench – height 22 3/8”
  • 2nd warpbeam
  • Sectional warp kit
  • Fly Shuttle device

Dimensions (wxdxh)

Spring 90: 46″ x 37″ x 45 1/4″ (120 x 94 x 115 cm)

Spring 110: 53″ x 37″ 45 1/4″ (140 x 94 x 115cm)


Spring 90: 95lb (43 kg)

Spring 110: 110lb (50kg)

Add 12 lb (5.5 kg) for an extension set.

Assembly Instructions for Spring (download pdf)

Spring Loom Warping and Features Demonstration with Jane Stafford (video)

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