Spinzilla Is Coming!

Welcome to the Louet blog! We’re pleased to be a part of this year’s Spinzilla Blog Tour as a Bison Sponsor and team host – in fact, we’ve got a Golden Niddy Noddy to defend as last year’s victors. In the name of a little friendly competition, we’re going to share some of our secret sauce for successful Spinzilla spinning with our readers!


Tip #1: Make sure you have plenty of fiber. 

Most spinners work through at least a few pounds of fiber during the week of Spinzilla, and if your fiber stash is looking lean, now is a good time to stock up! We have specially priced Spinzilla Fiber Packs which allow you to try a lot of different high quality fibers, all at a significant discount. Shown above left is our August Fiber Pack, which contains our popular Northern Lights top and Merino – Organic Lammermoor fiber; above right is our September Fiber Pack, which contains Dyed Corriedale and both Light & Dark Romney Sliver.

Tip #2: Prep that fiber ahead of time!

You can make time for more spinning by preparing your fibers ahead of time. Our blending board is an excellent way to create easy-spinning, unique rolags by blending together a variety of fibers – then you can store them in an airtight contained for safekeeping till Spinzilla arrives!


Our Team Captain recently used her Louet Blending Board to create a batt-like blanket of fiber to spin with – click here to read more about the process and see how this experiment turned out!

Of course, we recommend using a Louet Drum Carder as the best way to create batts. We have tips here in our Carding support room, or get inspired with this tutorial video featuring a Louet Classic Carder:

Tip #3: Make Time for Routine Maintenance.

17-1105_footmantotreadle_LargeCheck your wheel for any parts which might need to be repaired such as drive bands and footmen connectors. If it’s been a while since you’ve replaced anything, it’s probably a good idea to have some spare parts on hand, just in case! You can find more information about caring for your Louet spinning wheels here in our support room. Now is also a great time to clean your wheel with a damp cloth and a little Murphy’s Oil Soap to remove any dust and fiber which may have collected in the nooks and crannies of your wheel.

Tip #4: Plan your approach ahead of time.

Believe it or not, Spinzilla preparation doesn’t stop with fiber prep and routine maintenance! Mapping our daily goals is a great way to stay focused each time you sit down to spin. Examples of goals could be to spin 1/2 pound of fiber per day, or specifying how many bobbins you intend to fill on a daily basis. This can also help you plan your day if you know approximately how much time you’ll need to set aside to reach your daily quota (now is a great time to time yourself!).


Speaking of bobbins, now is an ideal time to determine whether or not you have enough bobbins to keep up with your daily spinning goals – you may want to purchase a few more to make things easier, or else you can build in plying time to your daily schedule so that you have clear bobbins for the next spinning session (don’t forget about the plying credit when calculating your yardage).

We look forward to another exciting week of spinning this October!