Spinning Spring Training: Let’s Talk Technique!

Welcome to month 2 of our Spinning Spring Training event! This month, we’re focusing on exploring new techniques to flex our spinning muscles. We’re seeing lots of chatter in our May Spring Training thread on Ravelry: participants are going to try everything to spinning from batts to giving boucle a try or even experimenting with ply. Turns out we have some pretty adventurous spinners in our midst!

Raveler tktl, who spun with #TeamLouet for Spinzilla last fall, has been sharing her batt spinning progress from start to finish. Batts are a great way to use up leftover fibers to create unusual yarns such as this example from tktl

If you are interested in finding out more, we’ve explored spinning from batts and rolags in this earlier blog post!

Chain plying is another technique we’re seeing mentioned quite a bit in this month’s Ravelry thread. Also referred to as Navajo plying, this technique is used to create a 3-ply yarn from a single bobbin (rather than using three bobbins of singles to create a 3-ply yarn). It’s especially great for dyed fibers because it allows for better control over where the colors fall into the yarn. While it can be a little tricky to get started, it quickly becomes second nature as you pull a loop of yarn through the loop preceding it – sound familiar?

Another one of our participants, Dlthom6, shared an experiment with ply using our Dorper top:

Pictured above is a swatch containing samples knit with the same needle size (US 10.5) so that the only change was the ply of yarn: 6, 5, 4, 3, chain, and 2 ply. Pretty impressive!

If you’re new to spinning and would like to explore ply in greater detail, Spinning Daily offers a fantastic free e-book which covers just about everything you could ever want to know about plying – click here to download!

We hope you’ll join us this month as we spin our way through May. Below are a few more suggested challenges, but we’d love to see what’s on your technique to-do list! As always, there will be a monthly prize drawing, so click here to join the fun over on Ravelry!