Spinning Spring Training: April Resources

As we spin our way through a most unusual spring, we’d like to share some of our favorite tips, tricks and resources to help you refine your skills and create the yarns of your dreams!

Taking a class is always the best way to get started, but it’s not always possible to find one nearby. That’s where Craftsy can save the day: we recommend Drucilla Pettibone’s Spindling: From Fluff To Stuff for beginners. It’s a great adjunct to our everything-you-need drop spindle kit, and the many benefits of the Craftsy platform include lifetime access to the class and the ability to post questions for your instructor & classmates to answer.

A few good reference books are also nice to have handy; some of our favorites include: The Complete Guide to Spinning Yarn, Start Spinning, Respect the Spindle, and the Intentional Spinner. Another great reference to have on hand is the Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook, which contains information about hundreds of breeds of sheep and other fiber-bearing animals and is geared towards spinners, knitters and weavers.

More great online sources include:

  • Spinning Daily: a great resource for all things related to spinning, there are lots of free e-books about spinning techniques and an interactive online community where you can post your questions. 
  • Knittyspin: a great resource for informative technique articles and knitting patterns designed especially for handspun yarns.
  • Louet Support Center: our own online resource is designed to answer the most frequently asked questions we receive about our products. Visit our Spinning Room, Carding Room or Fiber Room to search our database of knowledge or email info@louet.com with your spinning product-related questions!
We hope to welcome some new spinners to #TeamLouet this year and would love to know what questions you’ve been having as you embark on your spinning journey – feel free to post your questions in our Ravelry group or here on this blog post!

Dlthom6’s Dorper

Speaking of our Ravelry group, we are seeing a lot of Dorper being spun this month as part of our Intermediate/Advanced challenge to spin different breeds of sheep (we’ve also spotted mentions of Cheviot, BFL, Cotswold and Suffolk!).

Our Dorper top is a surprising fiber to spin, as the Dorper sheep is better known for meat production than producing a spinnable fiber. Part of our Canterbury Prize Wool Group, our Dorper has been raised with care in New Zealand and boasts finer fiber and longer staple length when compared to standard Dorper sheep.

Click here to read more about Dorper on the Louet blog!