Socks for Everyone on Your List!

Lynda Rossetti, who worked with Trudy Van Stralen designing for years, just showed us a pair of worsted weight GEMS socks she made. We were so excited about these quick-knitting socks, we asked Lynda to share her thoughts on sock knitting in today’s guest post. We’ve also created five affordable kits  for this fun new design!  

“I don’t do socks.”

“By the time I get the first one finished, I don’t want to repeat myself and knit a second one.”

“Hand knit socks wear out to quickly, and I am not about to start darning socks.”

It is true, up until about a month ago, I rarely; if ever knit a pair of socks. I admired hand knit socks, but I always felt that knitting them were a waste of my time. Living in Eastern Ontario, socks knit with a fingering weight yarn were just not going to keep my feet warm, and would likely wear out long before the snow disappeared.

But all that has changed.

One of the benefits of working with Louet North America  for over 15 years is that you accumulate a wonderful stash of GEMS superwash merino, and I needed to knit something to send to England for my daughter’s boyfriend for Christmas.

I opened my “yarn cupboard” and out poured my bags of GEMS: not enough of any one color for a sweater and I knit him a scarf last year…but do I really want to knit socks?!

After a short debate and some quick calculations, I cast on and away I went. In a matter of hours, one sock was finished. It felt wonderful, so soft and warm! The expertise of Trudy Van Stralen (click here for more info from our September 2013 blog post) when designing this yarn really shines through. Knitting socks with other worsted weight yarn would not feel this good.

In just over 3 weeks, I have knit 3 pairs of these socks, as well as 3 pairs of thrummed mittens and 5 pairs of children’s socks in GEMS Sport on a 2.5 mm needle. They feel as great as the worsted socks!

Sock kits are available in the following color combinations (click each image for more information):

Pewter & Fern

Caribou & Terra Cotta

Navy & White

Teal & Golden Rod

Candy Apple Red & White

Click here to purchase GEMS worsted sock kits for only $19.95 each!