Save on the Latest Knitting Patterns from the Experts at Louet North America

April 4, 2017 – Prescott, ON-based Louet North America has announced it’s now offering a sale on the latest pattern book from Trudy Van Stralen. Through this latest company sale, knitters can save on the She Made Them Her Own pattern book, which features expertly crafted designs that fit all sizes. The book includes 10 high-quality patterns, each of which assures the ideal results and a high-quality garment.

By working with the finest quality patterns on the marketplace, knitters can create unparalleled products designed to withstand the test of time. It takes a particular skill-set and a refined understanding of knitting techniques to create superior patterns. And it’s for this reason so many discerning knitters choose the patterns offered through Louet North America. Now, the team at Louet has announced they’re offering special pricing on the Trudy Van Stralen pattern book – She Made Them Her Own.

Choose from Many Knitting Patterns

Whether the buyer needs a pattern to create a beautiful shawl or a comfortable cardigan, Louet North America’s patterns offer an easy-to-follow process that ensures a superior quality garment. The company’s knitting patterns are designed with unique stitch combinations for that one-of-a-kind effect. Each pattern sheet features an exemplary attention to detail, with full stitch images and finished garment shots to help streamline the knitting process.

The company is now offering their Trudy Van Stralen pattern book – She Made Them Her Own. The book, which features 10 high quality patterns,and is available at special low-cost pricing for a short-time only. It’s a rare opportunity offered by one of the most experienced companies within the marketplace.

About Louet North America

Louet North America is the specialist for high quality yarns, and offers the finest Euroflax material on the market today. To learn more on this latest offer from Louet North America, please contact their team now at 1-613-925-4502 or visit their business website at