S10 Concept Spinning Wheel

Irish tension double treadle Louet Spinning Wheel

Ready to commit to your dream wheel for the rest of your life? One that’s whisper-quiet and will last for decades? One that can spin laceweight one day and art yarn the next? Want a workhorse wheel that can handle all your spinning, plying, fine-weight and bulkies? Your wheel is here! (If you’re the need-it-all sort, grab a deal by getting the fully loaded package!)

The S10 Concept has its origins in the first wheel Louet made over 40 years ago. 20, 30 and 40-year-old S10s are commonly used by spinners around the world, every day. Your S10 will last for generations with minimal upkeep required to keep it spinning.  Versatility is the key to the modern S10 wheel. Buy it bare bones or fully loaded.  You can add components in the future to adapt your wheel to your changing spinning interests.

Don’t re-invent the wheel. Make it your own!

The S10 Concept wheel is a fully modular system that allows YOU build your dream wheel, from the ground up. It is also the only wheel on the market that has the capability to work with both Irish and Scotch tension heads. If you like to spin with Scotch tension and ply with Irish tension, you will only need to exchange the mother of all with flyer and bobbin.


  • Highly customizable
  • Buy to suit your Art yarn needs today and change to be better suited for fine yarns next year
  • This wheel can be the ultimate wheel to spin any yarn you may want
  • IrT or ScT – your choice and you can switch back and forth between types (only wheel on the market that does so)


  • Base: Single or Double treadle.
  • Wheel Design: the classic solid wheel, three spokes or five-spoke wheel.
  • Mother-of-all: Irish tension (bobbin-lead) or Scotch tension (flyer lead) (or purchase both!)

Common accessory choices:

  • Flyers: standard with hooks or sliding guides, art yarn, bulky or high speed.
  • Various bobbins: standard, high speed, high-speed fat-core or bulky/art yarn.
  • Twine rack, twine block and -rack, stand-alone lazy kate or none at all.

Our bobbins all have whirls with three options for three ratio settings, allowing you to customize your yarn.  These ratios are:

  • 1:5:5- For use with heavy yarns and slow spinning
  • 1:7:5- Perfect for medium yarns
  • 1:10:5- Used with fine yarns or fast spinning
  • High Speed bobbin Ratios: 1:6.5, 1:9.5, 1:15

Irish Tension

  • Extra bobbin for S10 (part # 1.311)
  • S10 high speed bobbin  (part # 1.330)
  • S10 Fatcore bobbin  (part # 1.390)
  • S10 Art Yarn bobbin (part # 1.312)

Scotch Tension

  • Extra bobbin (part #1.395)
  • High Speed Bobbins ( part # 1.303)

The S10 Concept series allows you to build your own wheel, and including only the accessories that you want!

For popular packages, please check out the following S10 wheels:

When purchasing accessories, please make sure you are not mixing Irish Tension Accessories with Scotch Tension accessories.

  • Irish Tension
    • Art Yarn Flyer
    • High Speed Flyer
    • Standard Flyer with fixed hooks
    • Standard Flyer with sliding hooks
    • Bulky Flyer with hooks
    • Regular bobbin
    • High Speed Bobbin
    • Fatcore Bobbin
    • Lazy Kate Rack
    • High Speed Spinning Set
  • Scotch Tension
    • Regular ScT bobbin
    • High Speed bobbin
    • Standard Flyer with fixed hooks
    • Standard Flyer with sliding hooks
    • High Speed Flyer
    • Lazy Kate Rack
    • High Speed Spinning Set
  • Carrying bag

Also available are individual components to build your own S10 or repair a damaged S10 concept:

  • Single treadle base
  • Double Treadle Base
  • Back post
  • IrT Mother of All
  • ScT Mother of All
  • Classic main wheel (with hole)
  • 3 spoke Main wheel
  • 5 spoke main wheel

Main wheel: 14 1/4″ (36 cm)

Orifice: 5/16” and ½” (8 and 12 mm), height from the ground 23 1/4″ (59 cm)

Folds down to 5 1/2″ x 14 1/4″ x 21 3/4″ (14 x 36 x 55 cm)

Bobbin capacity: approx 100 gr (4 ounces)

Louet S10 Concept Part numbers

About Louet Spinning Wheels

Louet Quality spinning wheels

The Louet Spinning Wheel has long held the reputation as one of the premier yarn making tools from Holland. Our newly redesigned spinning wheels harness 40 years of research and development to meet the needs and desires of today’s modern spinning enthusiast. With myriad options and accessory packages, everyone from the beginning spinner to the most experienced artist is sure to find the wheel that suits their specifications and budget.

Ease of use for the spinning enthusiast is the number one priority in the design of our spinning wheels. Ball bearings, which never need lubrication, allow easy, smooth rotation of the flywheels and the footman connection. The belt is made from flexible polyurethane and never needs adjusting.

Each professional-quality spinning wheel uses a single belt bobbin drive, which allows users to easily regulate the tension with the adjustable flyer brake (IrT) or bobbin brake (ScT). Louet Spinning wheels are available in either Scotch Tension (flyer-lead) or Irish Tension (bobbin-lead) (The S10 Fully Loaded has capabilities for both). Available packages allow your wheel to master everything from fine lace-weight yarns to bulky art yarns. Sturdy hardwood construction is built to last as the birch-inspired laminate provides long lasting beauty.

Many customers have 40 year old Louet wheels that are still in use on a daily basis. Invest in quality. Buy a Louet. 

Louet products are known worldwide for their excellence in quality, design and workmanship. Louet [BV], located in Holland, began designing and manufacturing Louet spinning and weaving equipment in 1976. Superior engineering and high-quality workmanship have been the cornerstone of Louet spinning and weaving equipment for the past 30 years and remains very important to this day.

Superior engineering and experience has allowed Louet to design and manufacture numerous wheels, looms and carders that are functionally superior, practical, of excellent quality and offered at a affordable prices. Many of our customers are happy to own more than one Louet product. We stand behind our products to the fullest extent.

All inquiries for Louet equipment outside North America should be directed to Louet BV at www.louet.nl.