Micaela Scarf Pattern - Euroflax Sport

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Part of the Spring 2017 Collection - Designer Felecia O’Connell - SKEINS NEEDED (1sk) - This scarf is worked in one continuous piece. The center panel is begun first, and later, stitches are cast on at both ends to extend the width of the scarf. A slip knot cast on is literally a string of slip knots lined up along the needle. It works very well with linen yarn owing to the yarn’s smooth texture and uniform width. A slip knot cast on is worked as follows: Make a slip knot leaving a short tail, and place the knot on your right hand needle. Bring your left thumb under the working end of the yarn and form a loop. Insert your needle into the thumb loop, entering from the bottom up. Wrap the working yarn around the needle as if to knit Slip the loop over the needle and working yarn Tighten stitch against the needle while adjusting its placement snuggly next to the preceding stitch. When casting on at end or beginning of a row, there’s no need to make an initial slip knot; begin by adding slip knots with the working end of the yarn. Apply fringe before blocking.