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Louet SweaterLouet North American Story

Trudy Van Stralen is the founder of Louet North America and remains the driving creative force behind its continued product development.

Trudy developed a reputation in the hand dyeing community in the mid 70's. Trudy dyed with nature's palette,(natural dyes) creating wonderful color ranges of wool fleece, mohair fiber and yarn. She sold her dyed fibers from her small shop, in the same location that Louet North America now calls home.

Trudy had learned to knit at a young age during the post WWII years in Holland, and in the 1970’s, as a fiber artist, dyeing wool and yarn, she taught herself to spin and weave.  Trudy created woven garments and was a contributing source in Handwoven and Spin-Off Magazines in the early 1980’s, as well as spinning and selling her handspun yarns at her store – Hilltop Wools.

Trudy taught her craft of hand dyeing across North America, in workshops through out the 1980’s. In the late 1980’s, Trudy wrote a book on hand dyeing entitled, Indigo Madder and Marigold, a book that is used by many as a resource  for hand dyeing with natural dyes.

In the late 90’s Trudy began creating hand knitted garments and patterns, bringing her back to her roots, growing up in Holland. Trudy often jokes that she knits in “dutch”. Today, Trudy continues developing knitting patterns with her team of knitters and designers. Trudy also designs new yarns for Louet North America.

So keep watching as we continue to develop wonderful new additions.

Louet SweaterLouet

Extraordinary fibers, fantastic colors, wonderful patterns and a company dedicated to providing you the best possible service. From hand knitting to spinning and weaving, Louet North America is committed to offering outstanding products and services. Being sensitive to environmental issues we focus on using the best of traditional and contemporary techniques, in order to produce the highest quality products we have come to be known for in the past 30 years.

Louët bv International

Louet BV is the manufacturer of Louet spinning and weaving equipment. Louet BV also distributes Louet equipment outside of North America. All inquiries for Louet equipment outside North America should be directed to Louet BV.

Louet BV began designing and manufacturing Louet spinning and weaving equipment in 1976. Superior engineering and high quality workmanship have been the corner stone of Louet spinning and weaving equipment for the past 30 years and remains very important to this day. Our latest edition, the Victoria is a testament to this fact. Superior engineering has allowed Louet BV to design and manufacture a spinning wheel that is very good, functionally, practically superior in its size, weight and portability and offered at an affordable price.

For more information about Louet BV and their products, visit the Louet BV website at www.louet.nl