On-The-Go with Louet North America!

It’s been a busy summer for us – last month, we headed to Columbus, OH for the TNNA Trade Show.  We were joined by Beth Smith, book author and owner of the Spinning Loft – MI.  Here she is spinning up a storm in our booth, photo courtesy of Amy Singer of Knitty.com:

Earlier this month, we took a short trip to Minneapolis, MN.  Naturally, that meant a stop at StevenBe!  Here’s the fabulous Steven himself, mid-shop, about to serve coffee from his special blend of coffee, “Branded Steven Be.” Notice the amazing chandelier! The decor is fabulous!

Our next event was the Convergence conference in Long Beach, CA.  Sponsored by the Handweavers Guild of America, Convergence is the ultimate destination for fiberphiles.  As you can see below, the choices were endless – and that’s just a small portion of the show floor!

Here is our own Jane Loom on display in the Lone Star Loom Room booth.  We were also hoping to share a photo of the Megado Loom with our fans, but unfortunately, it was lost in transit on its way to the show (in fact, it’s still missing…here’s hoping it turns up soon!):

Finally, we’re excited to be sponsoring Stitches Midwest in Schaumburg, IL for the first time ever this year.  Come visit us in Booth 713 – be sure to print out this coupon to save big on your show floor admission, compliments of Louet North America!

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  • Pintu

    while i blog about crochet and have deenigsd a few patterns for my own use (and only 1 i think that i’ve offered to others), i feel that crocheters and knitters should support local yarn shops and designers for the same reason expertise. if we want to continue to have great patterns written for us and a good local supply of yarns to inspire us, we must pay the price. if we’re content to rely only on big box retailers for our yarn and free patterns as our only source of patterns, the well will eventually run dry. i like it that a designer who sells his/her patterns offers at least one for free. that free sample is a great way to see if we understand the way the designer writes. if i find a free pattern that i love, i’m much more inclined to go back to that source and pay for other patterns. some people claim that they can’t afford to pay for patterns. that may be. but, there is one great source of patterns where the designer is paid but that we can get the patterns for free book and magazines from one’s local library. also, many charitable sites online offer patterns for free, especially for babies and children. patterns are an investment in our art. we too often undervalue our art. we don’t hesitate to support our husbands (since crocheters are more commonly female) when they buy tools for work around the house. those are seen as necessities. our tools’ are patterns, yarn, and hook or needles. few of us do not use our crochet and knit skills to benefit our families and others. we make gifts, necessities (hats, scarves, gloves, etc), and participate in the productive life of our families in so doing. so, please consider supporting your favorite designers with the few dollars they ask for their patterns. you can make that pattern a hundred times if you want but only pay for it once. and, if the pattern is poorly written or unclear and the designer offers no help put the word out on boards like this. good designs are worth paying for. poorly written ones are not.

    • Budala

      Loved meeting you and love that you paessd out both books and pens for us to keep track of our projects. The Tee-shirts are awesome too! Most of all the friendliness of your booth was awesome! You are doing a great job Keep it up. This was my first TNNA also and I was overwhelmed at the beautiful products available.

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