New Erica Looms Have Arrived + Is Winter Over Yet?

The Erica Loom is a fabulous little table loom at a great price. Our first shipment of the Erica loom arrived last fall and we sold out immediately, and it’s no wonder why!

The Erica is perfect for people learning to weave, those wanting to upgrade from a rigid-heddle loom or those that want to have the capabilities of a high-quality travel loom. Compared to a rigid-heddle loom, it is easier to operate, the warp tension is more even, it has a large shed of 4.5 cm (1 ¾”) and you have flexibility in the number of threads per cm.
Erica beginner weaving loom by Louet The Erica is a compact table loom that can have 2, 3 or 4 harnesses. It’s the perfect next step for those who began on a rigid-heddle loom or for anyone who wants a great portable loom for travel. Erica folds flat with the warp in place!

Cue the Nail-biting… would our shipment arrive?

We’ve been anxiously waiting for our new shipment of Erica Looms to arrive! This recent shipment is a biggie… it has both a restock of the 12″ Erica Looms (30cm) as well as the new and larger size 20″ (50cm)!

We woke up yesterday, super excited for the truck to come. And then we looked out the window:

Ice Storm in Ontario Canada

Are you kidding, April?!? Major ice storm!

Fortunately, the brave delivery truck driver must be used to the ice, and the shipment arrived on time! We’re spending this week busily shipping looms out to our retailers!

Andrew receiving new shipment at Louet North America

The shipment includes the 12″ (30cm) Erica as well as the new 20″ (50cm) width. AND stands! The stand is adjustable in height, fits both sizes, and tilts!

Stand for Louet Erica

Order the Erica Table Loom for yourself!

To order yours, contact your local yarn store, or find one by using our Retailer Locator. Select ‘weaving’ from the dropdown menu to select shops that stock weaving equipment. We always recommend you call the shop first to see if they will have an Erica in stock (many shops have already pre-sold some of their stock and may have a waitlist)!

And let’s all just hope for a bit of warmer weather, huh?