New at Purl & Loop: Sett Checker and Round Weaver Earrings

We distribute Purl & Loop mini looms and accessories to our retail shops. These fabulous products are ideal for beginners or experienced weavers who want to experiment with a deliciously fast and portable project. And, we’re incredibly pleased to partner another business that produces products in North America (read about our knitting needles, here!). Read more about Purl & Loop’s commitment to local.

Purl & Loop weaving

Purl & Loop have just introduced a super-handy new tool, a sett checker. This little birch sett checker is a great tool for imagining how your warp yarn will look all warped up on your loom.  This 5” x 1” tool has three built in sett options…….8, 10 and 12 ends per inch (epi). This allows you to quickly compare one sett with another.

Purl and Loop Sett Checker

A must-have tool for weavers!

For those of you who aren’t weavers (yet!), Purl and Loop has introduced Round Weaver Earring Kits. This is a great starter project: you can use up some leftovers of yarn and each kit comes complete with instructions. Each kit makes 2 sets of earrings.

Purl & Loop Round Weavers Earring Kit

For these products and more, head to Purl & Loop to order online, or ask your favorite local retailer about stocking!