Meet the Roving Drum Carder + See It Spun

Meet our affordable Roving Drum Carder! This pint-sized powerhouse allows you to create an extra-long, narrow batt that is ready to spin the moment you pull it off of the carder! You can watch the short video below for an overview of its unique features,  then click here to view on our website!  

With the Tour de Fleece just around the corner, now is a great time to evaluate your fiber stash and plan your spinning projects for July. If you’ve been curious to try some of our spin-worthy fibers, you might want to check out some of these recent reviews featuring Louet spinning fiber:

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If you’re thinking about trying your hand at dyeing fiber at home, you won’t want to miss out on this two-part series featuring Gaywool Dyes and our Tussah Silk Top on the Dustbunnies Under My Loom blog; click here to read part one and here to read part two!

Four of our Canterbury Prize Fibers (Dorset, Perendale, Leicester and Shetland) were also spun & reviewed on the KnottyGnome blog – click here to read more!