Meet Stacey Trock of FreshStitches

Hi there, Louet readers! I’m Stacey, and I’m the designer behind FreshStitches and the new FreshStitches Yarn line with Louet! I’m so excited to share it with you!

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I love designing, knitting and crocheting with bright colors that are amazing for kid’s items as well as adults.

I began fantasizing about starting a new yarn line a few years ago, and I knew my yarns would have to be a few things:

  • Available in gorgeous colors
  • Made from a super-soft, high-quality wool
  • Have great stitch definition
  • Be machine washable
  • Reasonably priced

Do those characteristics ring a bell to you?

Stacey Trock of

Stacey Trock of

They scream Louet Gems to me! Imagine my delight when I chatted with Dave at Louet and he was just as keen to collaborate with me as I was with him, making this set of 7 fabulously bright colors available on the already stellar Louet Gems yarn base.

The result is a collection that you are going to love!

Machine Washable

A lot of people think that superwash (machine washable) yarn is only important when making children’s clothes or for people who aren’t interested in handwashing.

That couldn’t be further from the truth! And let me tell you why.

Wool loves to felt. All it needs is a little moisture and friction, and it’ll felt pretty quickly. One way to do that is by accidentally throwing your sweater in the washing machine. Ooops.

But… have you ever… sweated? Or worn your sweater under a coat (causing the coat to rub against the sweater)? Or spilled something on your piece and tried to wipe up the spill? I’ve done all of those things. And I can tell you how it ends up. Felting.

A few years ago, I knit a dress from a lace-weight yarn. I wore it twice before it began to felt. After all of that work! It was then that I swore that if I was going to put so many hours into making something amazing to wear, I was only going to do it with machine washable yarn. It’s not just for kids… it’s for normal people!

Try a fun color… I dare you!

I personally don’t need any convincing to make something with a couple (or several!) bold colors. My wardrobe is pretty basic, and throwing on a bright shawl or hat completely revitalizes my look.

If you feel like a bright aqua is a little out of your comfort zone, I suggest you try pairing it with a neutral (Cloud Grey, Pewter and of course, White and Black are some of my favorite Louet Neutrals) and I think you’ll find that bright color no longer seems so out of your zone after all!

Grab your skeins, today!

These delightful colors are rolling out into your LYSs and are also available here on Grab your favorite colors (or the whole rainbow!) and keep your eye on this blog for tips and features!