A Louet Spinning Wheel for Every Need

For more than forty years, “Louet” has been dedicated to advancing the crafts of knitting and weaving, to the joy of enthusiasts around the world.  Beginning with the legendary S10 spinning wheel, still sold today, Louet has been utilizing the latest in engineering techniques to create spinning wheels that are an absolute joy to use, while producing final work of the highest quality.

Why is it that the world turns to Louet for their spinning wheels and other weaving essentials?  There are plenty of elements that set our products apart from others on the market.

Three Things That Make a Louet Spinning Wheel Truly Stand Apart

1 – Maintenance-free construction

You should be spending your time on a spinning wheel having fun and making beautiful yarn, not tinkering with the mechanisms!  We’ve designed our wheels to be as close to maintenance-free as possible, to improve your experience.  This includes:

  • Lubrication-free ball bearings that spin smoothly and silently for years.
  • A flexible polyurethane belt which should never snap under normal use.
  • Straightforward construction means less that can go wrong.

Combined, this makes working with a Louet wheel an easy, intuitive process that’s perfect for beginners or experienced spinners!

2 – Sturdy, easy-to-use spinning wheels

When designing our wheels, we didn’t want to over-complicate things.  Great engineering is about simplicity and elegance, not complexity.  All our spinning wheels use a single-belt bobbin drive, for easy regulation of thread tension.

Whether you order one of our classic models or the next generation of Victoria model spinning wheels, you’re getting a product designed for a long life of pleasurable spinning.

3 – Easy portability

Once upon a time, a spinning wheel was a large, heavy contraption that would rarely -if ever- leave the room it was assembled in.  But that’s not true anymore!  With Louet spinning wheels, you get some of the best wheels on the market – yet only weighing around 15-20 pounds.  Some of our packages even come with carrying cases, so that you can take your spinning wheel anywhere your creativity guides you.

Beginners and Pros Alike Turn to Louet

No matter your level of experience, Louet has products which can help you become a better spinner and wow people with your creations.  To learn more about our products, please browse our catalog, or contact us for more information.

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