Kollage Needles & Your Hands

Kollage Knitting Needles


Many knitters enjoy the act of knitting because it relaxes them. The repetitive motions that get knitters into that “groove” unfortunately cause aches and pains! If your hands hurt, working with your knitting needles and yarn is no longer going to be enjoyable!


How to Keep on Knitting!

What can you do to keep your hands ready for many more days and years of knitting? You need to consider more than just your hands! Before you settle in for an evening of knitting, consider the following. Where are you sitting? Are you curled up on a couch at awkward angles or in a seat that allows your arms, wrists, and hands to be in a neutral position? How are you sitting? Is your body scrunched up and hunched over your knitting, with lots of tension in your shoulders? What are you knitting with? Kollage Knitting Needles are made of aluminum and are available in a variety of needle sizes, both circulars, and double pointed needles. Plus, the unique square shape is easier for your hands to hold!

Knit with Kollage Knitting Needles

Take Care of Your Hands!

Listen to your hands and make sure to take breaks! Try a few of these stretches for your hands that are easy to do anywhere, shared by Knitting Daily

Wrist and Forearm Extensor/Flexor Table Stretches

Extensor Stretch: Sitting back from your desk, straighten your arms and hold your hands flat. Place the back of your hands along the edge of the table. Bending only at the wrist, with fingers pointing at the floor, press gently into the table edge.

Flexor Stretch: Sitting back from your desk or table, straighten your arms and hold your hands flat. Place your fingers along the edge of the table, bending only at the wrist, with fingers pointing at the ceiling. Press gently into the table edge.


Hands Tendon Glide Start with your wrists in a neutral position.

STEP 1: Extend your fingers apart and toward the back of your hand.
STEP 2: Relax the extension and curl the top segment of your fingers to the base of your fingers.
STEP 3: Repeat Step 1.
STEP 4: Relax the extension and fold your fingers to the base of your palm.
STEP 5: Repeat Step 1.
STEP 6: Make tight fists.
STEP 7: Repeat Step 1.

A New Kollage Knitting Needle Set

As mentioned above, working with a smooth, lighter weight needle may help. One of the most common things people say about the Kollage Square Knitting Needles is how they were able to knit longer (or even, in some cases start knitting again)! Click here to read Colleen’s testimonial about using Kollage needles after she experienced a repetitive motion injury.  A wonderful way in which you can treat yourself all year long is the first Needle of the Month Club!

Kollage Needle of the Month Club

As a member of the Needle of the Month Club, you will receive 12 Kollage square circular needles. One set of needles will be mailed to you each month, starting in January 2017. When you receive the final shipment in December 2017, you will have a complete set: US 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 in your choice of cable length. The needles will be colored, a different surprise each month. In addition, the needles can be engraved with your name! Click here to check out all the details and sign up today!