Kollage Needles and Swatching

Smart Swatching

You’ve picked up a new skein of yarn, you’ve found a great project (check out Stacey’s post for tips!), you’ve got your needles and are ready to go! But wait! Did you swatch for gauge? Smart knitters know this is a key step!
Kollage Needles and Swatching What’s gauge? Gauge is your measurement of how many stitches and rows per inch your knitting produces with that particular combination of yarn and needles. It gives you an idea of what to expect from your finished project. When knitting with Kollage Square Needles, the square shape of the needle shaft can also impact your gauge.

Swatch SetOne knitter here at Louet North America knit three swatches from a skein of Louet Gems Worsted. Each swatch was 40 stitches across and 36 rows tall and knit on a US6 (4.00mm) needle. Each swatch sat for 20 minutes in warm water and laid flat to dry. A difference was noticed immediately after the swatches were complete and laid next to each other.

Here’s the gauge for each swatch:

  • Kollage Square needles: 20.5 stitches &  31 rows per 4″
  • Round bamboo needles: 19.5 stitches & 29 rows per 4″
  • Round metal needles: 19 stitches & 30 rows per 4″

If her pattern called for a blocked gauge of 4 stitches per inch, and she planned to use Kollage Needles, she’d have to swatch again with a larger needle!

The square shape can take some getting used to, so swatching also allows the muscles in your hands and arms to relax into the rhythm of making the stitches. You will want to treat your swatch the way you will make and treat your finished project. If it’s knit in the round, swatch in the round! Will your project be hand-wash / lay flat to dry or tossed in the washing machine and dryer? Also, always knit your swatch with the same needles you plan to use for the project!

What Knitters Are Saying

Kollage Needles Reviews

The best information comes from folks who are using the materials. Hearing from knitters who are dealing with arthritis are able to knit again, and for longer lengths of time, thanks to Kollage Square Needles brightens our day! We have now set up a Kollage Needles testimonial page. Your feedback is important to us and helps us to make these special needles even better. Email your experience to Dave@louet.com!

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