Kollage Squares: Proudly Made in North America!

Did you know that Kollage Square Knitting Needles and Crochet Hooks are made in North America? Yup! And our round needles, Sonix, too!

Kollage Square needles are made in North America!

The raw material is American aluminum, which is machined in our facility in Ontario, Canada. The aluminum needle tips are then anodized (which means coated so that your hands don’t feel like you’ve been holding raw metal while knitting!) in North America, and then back to our headquarters for assembly.

Kollage Square ergonomic knitting needleEach needle is etched with the size so that you don’t need to have a needle gauge to know what size you’re holding in your hands. We cut the cable, machine the stainless steel joins (they’re tiny!) and assemble each needle by hand.

Then we pop it in a package and it heads out to your favorite retail shop!

We’re not a very big company, but we believe in creating local jobs and keeping manufacturing local when we can.

Having the manufacturing plant (it’s just one little building, a former barn) in our backyard means that each needle passes through our hands. We inspect every needle according to our high quality-control standards. It’s a very small number of that sneak by with a defect… but if anything goes wrong, you can rest assured that our lifetime warranty will get you a replacement. We stand behind what we do.

Louet Kollage Square knitting needle with soft cable, perfect for magic loop

Square needles are great for your hands & wrists… and we’d like to believe, great for our local economy, too! Give them a try at a shop near you!