Knitting With Euroflax

If you’ve never knit with our Euroflax yarns before, you don’t know what you’re missing. When you come across it in the yarn store ,you may think, “well, this isn’t that soft.” Unlike many other yarns spun from natural fibers, linen needs to be washed in order to let its true beauty really shine. Today, we have some tips and tricks for making your first (or next) experience with Euroflax wonderful!

What is Euroflax?

Our long line linen yarn is made out of flax fiber, a vegetable product. It is called “long line” because the plant itself grows more than a yard tall. When it is standing in the field, it is a beautiful sight: bright blue flowers waving in the wind. At harvest time, the flax is cut and laid to dry. The linen fiber is inside the long stems of the flax plant. Since crops vary from year to year, so does the quality of flax, even the wet-spun (the term wet spun refers to the process of using heat, humidity and water during the spinning process;  the dry spun process produces a rougher, more uneven yarn or twine). To get a consistent quality, the factory will blend several years of crops together. Our yarn is wet spun at a factory which has been  in operation for several generations. They have developed a way of splitting the fibers very finely, and they also double-boil the yarn to produce a soft and exceptional quality. About five years ago they also started adding a softening agent to the process, which results in a softer yarn in the skein. Euroflax yarn has been used by hand-knitters for more than 20 years in North America.

Flowering Flax, photo by isamiga76

Tips for Knitting With Euroflax

  • You must wash and dry all samples before measuring gauge. The knitted fabric relaxes after the first time it has been washed and the gauge will change.
  • We do not recommend washing and drying the skeins before knitting. We also don’t feel that it is necessary to “shock” the yarn or finished garment by freezing/thawing or hitting it against a hard surface to soften the yarn.
  • To soften the yarn before knitting and make it less stiff , wind your Euroflax and then re-wind the yarn. The process of handling the yarn will soften it significantly and make knitting easier, it will also allow you to obtain a more even gauge.
  • With no natural elasticity, linen is not suitable for standard ribbing on either bottom borders or neck bands. Knit-in-hems, rolled borders, lace edgings and garter stitch borders all work wonderfully with this yarn, however.
  • This yarn is more suitable for pattern knitting such as cables, knit/purl combinations and lace patterns rather than stockinette stitch. Small areas of stockinette stitch work well using purl stitches or yarn overs in between.
  • Please pay special attention to the recommended needle size given for each yarn.
  • Larger needles should only be used for very lacy patterns, such as shawls, stoles, blankets or curtains.
Louet Euroflax Sport, in Orchid

Louet Euroflax Sport in Orchid

What should I make with Euroflax?

Euroflax is perfect for projects year-round, but it is exceptionally popular during the warmer months. Due to the yarns’ breathing capabilities, linen sweaters feel cool in the summer. After you have made one sweater out of our Euroflax linen, you will definitely want to make more! It’s also great for scarves, stoles, curtains, light throws, and other garments that don’t need to hold their shape. View our collection of Euroflax patterns for more ideas on what to knit with Euroflax!

Caring for Items Made in Euroflax

Euroflax is machine washable using a non-bleach mild soap. We recommend ‘SOAK’ so that deep colors are not damaged by detergents. For best results, dry the garment in the dryer for 15 minutes, then lay flat to finish drying. With wearing it will become very soft with a beautiful lustrous silky effect. You can also completely dry the garment in a dryer, and iron it with a steam iron in order to soften it. Euroflax is very durable and is not adversely affected by machine drying.

Shawl in Euroflax Sport

Shawl in Euroflax Sport