Guest Post: Patty Nance

Hi all – Patty Nance here….. back from a whirlwind tour of the Pacific Northwest with my husband. Although we were not looking for a house to retire to, we fell upon a beautiful property on the southern coast of Oregon. Offer, acceptance, and so on, we are now on the verge of a major life change that I was not expecting for at least another five years. And, oh yes, I designed this really great skirt for Louet’s Spring 2014 collection.

Since I don’t have my own blog, the nice folks at Louet offered guest space for me on theirs where I can talk briefly about my design, as if I could ever talk briefly about knitting. To be perfectly candid, there wasn’t any huge inspiration for this piece other than the fact that it fit the call for designs. The design submission details included a mood board on Pinterest that had a photo of an off-the-rack skirt in tiers of allover lace fabric with this glorious up-sloped hem. The lace reminded me of something sitting in my collection of design elements – a reversible lace stitch from a 1940s knitting book that I had incorporated into other designs, all of which failed miserably in other submissions. When I saw that skirt on Pinterest, I knew right away that the lace stitch had finally found a home.

Inspiration is one thing; successful execution of a knitting pattern is something else entirely. I have knitted and sewn tiered skirts before, but I knew short-rowing that hemline in a complex lace stitch would require some late nights and lots of practice. The process included a total unravelling of the completed skirt from hemline to four inches below the first tier because I did not get the slope just right. When I finally figured it out, wrote the pattern and drafted those crazy charts (if you have seen the pattern then you know what I am talking about), I knitted another one with some stash yarn to make sure everything was correct. Yes, I knitted two of those skirts and am planning on knitting a third for an upcoming KAL that I will host on Ravelry. Fear not, knitters. If you are adventurous enough to knit Tanana, I will be there with you in photos and forum posts to help you along.

Best regards,