What Goes into Louet Weaving Patterns

For over forty years, Louet North America has been focused on providing everything you might want for your weaving, spinning, and knitting – including producing a selection of great new weaving patterns.  It’s just one more way that we try to spread the joy of knitting and weaving, and encourage more people to give it a try.

However, please don’t think we put any less time or effort into our patterns than we do into our other products.  In fact, you might be surprised at just how much effort goes into even one of our weaving patterns!

The Work That Goes into A Louet Weaving Pattern

Until her retirement in 2011, Trudy Van Stralen – founder of Louet North America – was also the creative director of our pattern creation team.  Even today, we make sure to uphold her vision and her dedication to creating the best possible weaving patterns!  Our team consists of a variety of internal Louet employees as well as internationally-recognized clothing designers, to ensure our patterns are always fresh and trendy.

Every pattern begins with a creative idea, which is then explored through sketch work and other concept art.  When it looks good, our team creates charts of the pattern in actual size, and start creating test garments based on it.  If those look good, we go on to start testing sizes – after all, we want Louet-made patterns to fit the widest variety of people possible, while always looking good.

We also look for opportunities to incorporate unique textures and pattern combinations and to experiment with different color Palette.  Every detail of the pattern is scrutinized to ensure it lives up to the high-quality people expect from Louet.

In the end, it takes at least six months of combined teamwork to produce one pattern.  It’s a lot of work, but we’re proud of the results.

Try Some Patterns for Free!

Louet loves being able to give back to the community, so we have a library of free patterns you can browse! You’ll have even more ways to enjoy your time spent weaving.  You can browse our existing library of free weaving patterns, and you could also follow us on Facebook or Pinterest so you can see every announcement of new patterns available!

Want to know more about our patterns?  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.