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Use the below map to find an LYS that carries Louet North America products near you. (or on your next road trip adventure!)

If you are unable to visit a local yarn store, have a look at our list of online retailers!

To use the map, simply enter your address. To narrow your search by product, please use the ‘categories’ drop-down menu and select from: Spinning (spinning wheels & accessories) or Weaving (weaving looms & accessories).

Our certified loom retailers are noted with blue pins.

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Certified Loom Retailers

Below is our list of Certified retailers for the sale of louet weaving looms. Any Louet North America retailer can sell Louet weaving looms; however, these retailers have trained with us and have proven that they have the knowledge and skills to provide the answer to your questions and explain all of the features of Louet looms. There are several retailers who are knowledgeable weaving loom retailers, but who have not been able to take our Louet Retailer Certification program.

Jane Stafford


The Fine Line

Heritage Spinning and Weaving

Weavin Place

The Yarn Barn of Kansas

Where the Wildflowers Grow Gallery

Lone Star Loom Room

The Woolery

Spunky Eclectic

Pacific Wool & Fiber

Online Retailers

We know that not everyone is lucky enough to have a local yarn store nearby, and for those of you who aren’t able to visit a shop in person, here is a list of online retailers.

The Woolery (Spinning, Weaving)

Webs (Spinning, Weaving)

Yarn Barn of Kansas (Spinning, Weaving)

Jane Stafford (Weaving)

Yarnorama (Spinning, Weaving)

Flora & Fiber (Spinning, Weaving)

Eugene Textiles (Spinning, Weaving)

Laughing Lamb Fibers (Spinning)

Bountiful (Spinning, Weaving)

Pacific Wool & Fiber (Spinning, Weaving)