Build A Custom Spinning Wheel with the S10 Concept!

Louet has held the reputation as one of the premier yarn making tools for over 40 years. We’re passionate about quality workmanship and ease of use for the spinner. But do you know what else we care deeply about? Value.

Our wheels aren’t the cheapest on the market. I’ll bet you don’t live in the cheapest house in the country or drive the cheapest car ever manufactured, either. When you invest in a tool that will last for decades and generations, you’re getting the best value for your money. Many of our customers have 40 year old Louet wheels that are still in use on a daily basis.

Don’t re-invent the wheel. Make it your own!

Irish tension double treadle Louet Spinning Wheel

Ready to commit to your dream wheel for the rest of your life? One that’s whisper-quiet and will last for decades? One that can spin laceweight one day and art yarn the next? Want a workhorse wheel that can handle all your spinning, plying, fine-weight and bulkies? Your wheel is here!

The S10 Concept wheel is a fully modular system that allows YOU build your dream wheel, from the ground up. It is also the only wheel on the market that has the capability to work with both Irish and Scotch tension heads. If you like to spin with Scotch tension and ply with Irish tension, you will only need to exchange the mother of all with flyer and bobbin.

Select the Package Right for Your Budget

The S10 Concept Spinning Wheel is a completely modular system. This means that you can buy a basic package to begin, and then add components as your needs evolve. Treat yourself now, and then add the Scotch Tension Mother-of-all to you wishlist for next year!

Available packages include:

  • S10 Classic: This wheel is perfect for the spinning enthusiast who wants to invest in a jack-of-all-trades wheel but isn’t ready to splurge on all the bells and whistles.
  • Julia: A dream wheel for spinning fine yarns! A Scotch Tension, double-treadle setup.
  • S10 Fully Loaded: This package comes with every accessory offered for an S10C wheel for a great price. Retails for over $2500 if you purchased the components separately.
  • Art Yarn Wheel: The ideal wheel for those who spin art yarns, novelty yarns or bulkies. This double treadle, Irish tension wheel (bobbin-lead) also spins medium-weight yarns and is great for plying.

Or, of course… you can completely customize the wheel yourself by selecting the wheel-type, mother of all, single or double-treadle and accessories!

Louet Julia double treadle spinning wheel for fine yarns scotch tension

Features & Accessories

For all of the specifications, hop over to the S10 Concept page!


  • Highly customizable
  • Buy to suit your Art yarn needs today and change to be better suited for fine yarns next year
  • This wheel can be the ultimate wheel to spin any yarn you may want
  • IrT or ScT – your choice and you can switch back and forth between types (only wheel on the market that does so)


  • Base: Single or Double treadle.
  • Wheel Design: the classic solid wheel, three spokes or five-spoke wheel.
  • Mother-of-all: Irish tension (bobbin-lead) or Scotch tension (flyer lead) (or purchase both!)

Common accessory choices:

  • Flyers: standard with hooks or sliding guides, art yarn, bulky or high speed.
  • Various bobbins: standard, high speed, high-speed fat-core or bulky/art yarn.
  • Twine rack, twine block and -rack, stand-alone lazy kate or none at all.

We strive to offer you the best customer service and guide you in your spinning journey. Check out our support center for frequently-asked questions about components and accessories for your wheel.

Louet Julia Spare Parts Diagram

Ready to Build Your Own Spinning Wheel?

Read more about the S10 Concept Spinning Wheel and options on our product page. And feel free to reach out to us with questions!

Once you’re ready to build your dream spinning wheel, contact your favorite Louet retailer and we can’t wait to see what you spin! (tag us on instagram: @louetnorthamerica)