Breed Specific Fibers + The Return of the S90 Ultimate!

Spinners are always on the lookout for more breed-specific fibers that are handled in such a way as to retain their unique qualities. Look no further! We’re pleased to announce our latest addition to the Louet North America fiber line-up, the Canterbury Prize Wool Group.  Working with Wadsworth Heap Ltd, a fiber supplier in New Zealand, each fleece in this line is grown with passion and great care; each is chosen with a critical eye, scoured in a modern scouring plant, and carded with pride on gentle machinery to maintain the fibre’s integrity and give spinners maximum enjoyment.

Wadsworth Heap will partner with specific farms who will be selected to achieve these criteria and can provide a certificate of authenticity that is included with each bag of fiber. Our first offerings of Romney, BFL and Leicester were not certified under this program that was developed after the fiber was purchased, but discerning spinners will appreciate the fact that these criteria were used while searching out each fiber.

Be on the lookout for three new carded fibers in the Canterbury Prize Wool Group arriving soon–white Jacob, white Wensleydale, and white Cotswold.  Additional breed specific types will be offered throughout this year. Ask for them at your favorite LNA retailer!

The S90 Ultimate is Back!

Our S90 Ultimate Wheel will be making a special appearance for spinning aficionados and wheel collectors alike.  When it was originally released, the S90 was the ultimate wheel for any spinner.  Though previously discontinued, we’re bringing it back for a limited-edition production run of 50 – click here to find our nearest Louet retailer to reserve your wheel today! Here’s a taste of what you have to look forward to:

The S90 Ultimate is a bobbin lead wheel with our standard brake on the flyer.  Compact and portable, it folds up completely assembled – all parts stay on the wheel, including the optional skein winder!  This wheel possesses all of the elements a great spinning wheel should have: three settings for thick, medium and fine yarns; ratios of 6,5:1, 9,5:1 and 15:1; and a wide treadle which alls you to spin with your right or left foot – or both feet, if you prefer!

The built-in lazy kate holds three bobbins sung to the wheel for storage or it can be repositioned out to the left for plying.  The lazy kate is designed to control the speed of the three bobbins automatically without any adjustments!  Made of beautifully-lacquered birch plywood, this wheel comes ready to use, complete with four bobbins.

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  • Patricia

    Gretl Thats really great to know about it ftiting in the overhead bin on the plane. I looked on the Woodland Woolworks website (among others) though and I have a feeling everyone carries different bags for the wheel, though theirs looked the best as far as compactness goes. Also, the people at PDX are super great about security (and everything really when I flew over here the people at the Lufthansa desk let me bring my bag that was a kilo and a half overweight on, which apparently is unheard of other places). Hopefully the people in Vienna will be that kind.Steffi I actually really like the Reinecke flute sonata (Undine) and his flute concerto has much to be desired though. I had a lesson yesterday and am borrowing the Widor from my teacher though which is good. Very very good. I’ve never heard of the Carl Vine but I’ll look it up though.

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