Add Wool to your Spring Wardrobe (really!) + Heart of Glass

My heating is still on inside my house. But when you’re a knitter, you have to plan ahead. So my brain is already thinking spring when it comes to my knitting!

Heart of Glass Knitting Pattern

I adore Heart of Glass, a pattern by Mary Annarella. It’s a drop-shoulder top worked in fingering weight yarn… and check out that gorgeous lace detail at the waist! You can knit either a sleeveless version or add sleeves, so it’s a pattern that’s super-versatile!

And I love patterns that have ‘a little bit of action’ but also provide a healthy dose of can-do-while-watching-tv stockinette.

The sleeveless top is perfect for those of us in warmer climates and the version with sleeves is great for cooler ones!

Heart of Glass knitting pattern

And can you picture the compliments you’ll get?

Wool for spring? Yes, really! The yarn-y secret.

I know what some of you are thinking. Wool? In Spring? Yup! Our Gems Fingering is perfect for this piece… and the secret is that it’s worsted spun.

A worsted-spun yarn is a yarn where all of the fibers are lined up before spinning. It’s a very expensive process (20% of the fibers are removed before spinning!), which is why you don’t see many yarns using this process. But the result is a smoother, more-pill resistant yarn. And do you know what else? Worsted-spun yarns are cooler than traditionally-spun yarns. That means you won’t get as toasty-hot wearing Gems. Perfect!

If you’re looking for great pattern inspiration, check out Heart of Glass and select your favorite color of Gems Fingering. Rich, saturated tones are trending right now, as well as neutrals… a palette we have totally covered!