About us

Maybe we haven’t met before. We’re Louet! We’re passionate about bringing you the highest-quality spinning, weaving and carding equipment, backed by our top-notch customer service and unbeatable warranty. We’ve been a family-owned company in the fiber world for over 40 years.

Louët BV (‘BV’ is basically the same as ‘Inc’, but in Dutch!) was founded October 1, 1974 by Jan Louët Feisser and Clemens Claessen in Holland. In the preceding spring, the development and first sales of the modern spinning wheel the S10 were so promising that Jan said left his job to focus on  the start-up company. The first production took place in a chicken coop designed as a workshop in the yard of Jan’s parents.

Today, we operate not far away from that original chicken coop in Lochem, Holland (the Netherlands). Although we’ve grown (to about 20 employees), we’re still a family-owned company (now in its second-generation, although Jan is still very involved!) intently focused on manufacturing production-quality equipment at an affordable price. That first S10 wheel is still one of the best-selling and longest-lasting wheels on the market, with only minor revisions (now the S10 Concept) to suit today’s modern spinner.

We focus on environmentally-sustainable practices in our production. By offering only the highest-quality products, we give consumers the opportunity to invest in tools that will last a lifetime. You won’t see anything disposable or ‘use-for-just-one-year’ in our product line.

We also have a fervent desire to support local economies. That’s why we work closely with local yarn stores (LYSs) to distribute our products. We’re spinners and weavers, too… and we learned (and became obsessed) with our crafts by meeting like-minded people, regularly, in shops close to our home. The LYS is a community-building tradition that is uniquely found in North America (although, some shops in Europe are catching on and starting to put tables in!)… and we want to make sure it’s here to stay for the next generation of crafters. And we’re doing whatever we can to make sure that happens.

Rural Ontario

We ship our equipment to our North American retailers through our warehouse in Ontario, ensuring you get your equipment as quickly as possible!

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Thanks for joining us on our fiber journey!