45th Anniversary Promotions + Prizes

We are excited to celebrate our 45th anniversary and want you to celebrate along with us! We’re offering great promotions and prizes until the end of April. Read on for more details.

To celebrate the 45th anniversary, we were delighted to have the opportunity to sit down with founder, Jan Louët (he’s usually busy making!) and chat about the history of the company. You can read the full interview, hereA few very interesting and surprising stories came out, so you’ll want to read them!


We are celebrating our 45th anniversary by offering some great deals!

  • Receive a FREE Erica 30-2 when purchasing a Delta, Octado or Megado loom
  • Receive a FREE Flying Dutchman shuttle when purchasing a David or Spring loom
  • Receive a FREE Medium Lisa Frame Loom with the purchase of an S10C spinning wheel

Promotions are valid until end of April 2020. 

Visit your favorite dealer to take advantage of these offers.

45th anniversary celebration

Win an S10C Spinning Wheel or Erica Loom!

Hearing from our customers makes us so happy! When reflecting about how fulfilling his work is, Jan Louët said, “I have been overjoyed by the happiness our consumers have shared from the start. Early on, I got postcards from people I didn’t know, and they would send pictures of wheels they saw on vacation. I was glad that I made a product that people enjoyed so much. It is a very happy job, so I can’t stop.” 

To celebrate 45 years, we’re collecting more stories to make Jan smile! We would love to hear from customers about how Louët has been a part of their lives. When a customer sends in a photo of their Louët with a short story and they’ll automatically be entered to win an S10C or Erica! This is a fabulous opportunity to promote Louët products in your shop as well as encourage your customers to share their stories!

Contest details: Entries must be emailed to info@louet.nl by April 30th, 2020. By submitting photo/story, you agree to allow us to share on social media. Please include your full name and location in the entry. The winner can choose between an S10C spinning wheel or Erica loom which we will ship to their location.