2016 Sneak Peek

Today, we’re excited to give our blog readers a first look at what’s new for 2016! Our GEMS line isn’t the only yarn to introduce new colors to the lineup: we are adding several exciting new colors in our popular Organic Cotton and Cottolin yarns, too! Next month, we’ll be adding 14 new colors of Euroflax linen, and spinners will also be treated to some new colorways in our Northern Lights multicolored wool top.

For our retailers  who plan on attending the January TNNA Trade Show, we invite you to visit us in booth 229 to see what’s new in person; be sure to keep an eye on your inbox, as we’ll be emailing out updated price sheets and more detailed information about the upcoming TNNA show soon! Without further ado, let’s take a look at our new color palettes. First, we’re pleased to introduce our newest colors to join the Organic Cottolin palette, which now includes 70 great colors: Top row, from L-R: 73.23013 – Pastel Red, 73.23033 – Cassis, 73.24009 – Gobelin, 73.24053 – Blue Pond, 73.24048 – Iris, 73.25002 – Kelly Green and 73.25005 – Green Turquoise. Bottom row, from L-R: 73.25028 – Primavera, 73.26010 – Taupe, 73.26024 – Fawn, 73.25039 – Algae, 73.25041 – Brass, 73.25043 – Green Apple, 73.24007 – Turquoise

Next, we are adding 21 new colors to our Organic Cotton palette, which now boasts over 50 colors to choose from: Top row, from L-R: 74.23005 – Burgundy, 74.23013 – Pastel Red, 74.23020 – Raspberry, 74.24050 – Magenta, 74.24071 – Mauve, 74.24031 – Light Lilac, and 74.24041 – Cloud. Middle row, from L-R: 74.24011 – Sky Blue, 74.24022 – Anemoon, 74.24023 – Purple, 74.24005 – Dark Blue, 74.25041 – Ginger, 74.25014 – Opal, 74.25025 – Lime, and 74.26002 – Camel. Bottom Row, from L-R: 74.25040 – Curry, 74.25005 – Green Turquoise, 74.25001 – Kakhi, 74.27003 – Gun Metal Grey, 74.26044 – Burnt Orange, 74.26003 – Maroon, and 74.25052 – Gift Green.

All of our Cotton and Cottolin colors are currently in stock, with new stock arriving in January of next year. Both of these yarns are available in 100g cones, making them ideal for weaving projects (be sure to check out our collection of free weaving patterns here on our site). Next up, we have our new colorways for Northern Lights wool top, which will be arriving in January 2016: From top to bottom: 12.523 – Autumn Leaves, 12.524 – Coral Reef, 12.531 – Spring Meadow, 12.532 – Blue Spruce, and 12.533 – Lake Trout.   We look forward to sharing more updates with you right here on the Louet blog – so don’t miss out! You can now sign up to have each blog post sent to your inbox via email – just sign up using the form on the right-hand side of this blog!